Tracking Your Teen: Right or Wrong?

In the midst of soaring crime rates and increasing peer pressure, parents are ready to take extreme action, even if it means using GPS tracking to keep an eye on their teens. But, do parents really have the right to track their teens? How far can you go before it becomes an invasion of privacy? While most parents would agree that with increasing age comes a measure of responsibility, letting go of oversight is a hard pill to swallow. Shouldn’t a parent know where his son has gone? Isn’t it reasonable to know who he’s with? For parents with responsibleRead More

College Students Give Internal GPS Laptop Tracking a Big Thumbs Up!

GPS tracking devices are not new technology. They have been around for decades now, helping everyday people keep their most important belongings safe. Parents trust these devices to monitor the movements of a young driver or an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s Disease. GPS tracking capabilities have been able to find missing children as well as track wayward spouses. Protection from theft is one of their major purposes. They have been used to protect priceless art, construction equipment, air conditioning units, and vehicles. And now Sony is combining many of those ideals into their new P series of Vaio laptops. TheRead More

GPS Tracking Replaces ‘Helicopter Parenting’

All parents know the fears associated with protecting their children from bad people and questionable situations. Many teenagers know the frustrations resulting from overly protective parents. Parents want to make sure their child is safe. Teens want to try out their newly found wings and venture into adulthood. Thus, conflict results. No parent wants to stunt the growth of a child. However, good parents want to stay active in their children’s lives and protect them from unscrupulous activities that they are not mature enough to handle on their own just yet. Some people call that “helicopter parenting” because the parentRead More

Teen Tracking is Easy and Keeps them Accountable

By Greg Bartlett Teen drivers are some of the worst drivers in the country. On a regular basis, news reporters announce the tragic death of a handful of teenagers that were riding in a car at a rapid pace. These teens fall easily to peer pressure, and they regularly drive fast with friends in the car. With music blaring and friends talking, it can be easy to lose focus and run off road or into another car. Teen drivers need something that can keep them accountable, and teen tracking with GPS technology can help do this. Parents can monitor theirRead More

GPS Trackers Keep Workers—and Kids—in Line

By Greg Bartlett Vehicles are virtually indispensable in this day and age of traveling for business, commuting, and carpooling.  Everyone—from employers to employees and from parents to children—is mindful of both the car and the driver. One extremely easy way to keep tabs on your driver and your vehicle is to use a GPS tracker.  A GPS tracker uses satellite technology that employs a “satellite/control center/monitor” mode of operation.  This simply means that the whole process of tracking begins in space with the satellite.  The satellite sends the information to a control center (sometimes found on a military base orRead More

University of Minnesota Seeks to Support Safe Teen Driving

By Greg Bartlett For many parents, allowing their teenagers to drive alone creates a situation fraught with fear and questions. How do parents still keep an eye on their children? How do they keep their children safe without completely taking their independence away? How do they keep their children safe without a constant physical presence? For many parents and teenagers, GPS car tracking systems answers these questions. These devices allow parents to monitor the safety and location of their children needing to be physically present at all times. Parents receive text messages or email notifications informing them of their child’sRead More

GPS Trackers: Peace of Mind and Independence Combined

By Greg Bartlett If you were to ask the average child or young teenager what he or she wants the most from their parents, it might surprise you to find out that what he or she truly wants is independence and trust. However, a teenager’s desire for independence will make parents proud to see their children growing up, but it also produces a nagging fear in the parent’s hearts that comes from not knowing where their kids are at every moment. There is a way to keep tabs on your kids even when they are out of your sight.  GPSRead More

Should Parents Be Required To Track Their Teens?

Understanding the driving habits of your teen is the easiest way to uncovering whether or not they are a bad driver. With automobile accidents being the primary cause of premature death among teenagers, accessing the driving habits of teen drivers has never been more important. However, with many teens not expressing the ritual of their daily lives and reducing communication with parents, how can parents learn the driving habits of a teen? GPS tracking system technology is providing the answer. One of the major problems among teen drivers is speeding, but knowing whether or not your teen is a habitualRead More

A Clever Way to Stop Texting

By Harriette Halepis Source acquired via Washington Examiner, May 5, 2010, Middletown, MD – after leaving the funeral of a local teenager who was killed while driving and texting, John and Joana Tsinonis decided to do something about teens who text while driving. Armed with a strong background in software development, John Tsinonis created a device called proTextor, which literally prevents phones from sending or receiving text messages while a vehicle is operating. Parents can download the proTextor software to a teen’s phone, and the software will automatically send any incoming texts or calls to an automated messaging system. TheRead More

Why Teens Are Saying Yes To GPS Tracking

Discussing Vehicle Tracking Devices With Your Teen At first thought, it seems unlikely that any teenager would actually agree to letting a parent install a GPS tracking device to their vehicle. Why would a teen driver want a parent to know everywhere they are going, who they are hanging out with and the speeds they are driving? The answer is simple, freedom. Parents are influential in every aspect of a teen’s life, providing guidance, shelter, food and financial assistance. When most teens receive their first set of keys, Mom and Dad usually are the ones who purchased the vehicle, orRead More