Own a GPS? Lock Your Car

According to some sources, between 20,000 and 30,000 GPS devices are stolen from vehicles each year. Thieves can get as much as $50.00 on the street for these devices. One recent case involved a group of teenagers in Ohio. Streetsboro police responded to calls from residents on the night of August 4, 2013, reporting suspicious behavior in their neighborhood. Upon investigation, officers found an unknown car parked in a resident’s driveway . . . with four suspects hiding inside. Further investigation revealed stolen GPS navigation devices and other stolen electronic items in the car as well. Total value of the items wasRead More

GPS Technology an Asset in Cell Phone Theft Cases

GPS technology is being used more and more to track down criminals who have stolen cell phones. One such case occurred in July 2013 in Missouri, where a citizen awoke to find that his home had been burgled. Both cash and a smartphone were missing from the homeowner’s kitchen. After filing a police report, the victim activated the phone’s GPS app. Law enforcement agents were then able to trace the phone to a home where the alleged thief was hiding in the attic. They discovered not only the stolen phone but also a stolen gun and illegal drug paraphernalia. InRead More

GPS Is a Great Tool for Apprehending Thieves

The Global Positioning System is more and more becoming a great tool for apprehending thieves. Here are a few recent examples: In December 2012, a man was arrested near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after stealing over $13,000 worth of aluminum from a construction site. The construction company owner had previously had aluminum stolen from the site so, unbeknownst to potential criminals, he installed a GPS tracking device in a pile of aluminum scrap. When it too was stolen, the company worked with local police to track the materials to a nearby scrap yard—where the perpetrator was caught in the act of sellingRead More

GPS Leads Authorities To Stolen Bus In CA

GPS devices installed in fleet vehicles make an incredible amount of sense, in more ways than just the simple use of getting from point A to point B with ease. Yes, you can optimize your routes, but you can also do something even more valuable: recover stolen vehicles. In Novato, CA, a thief got his hands on one of Golden Gate Transit’s 200 buses one July afternoon, around 3:50pm. The bus was stolen at a bus stop off of Redwood Boulevard, one of two buses sitting in the lot. The suspect probably thought he was going to get away withRead More

Home Invaders Nabbed Thanks To GPS

Many are against the use of GPS tracking device to track the movements of criminals if a warrant is not first obtained. However, most will agree that as long as there is a warrant, there is nothing wrong with catching a criminal in this manner. The old saying, “If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime” applies in a way: “If you don’t want your activities to be monitored via GPS device, don’t do anything illegal.” From September 2012 to January 2013, police watched as burglary after burglary occurred in Michigan, more specifically Kent and IoniaRead More

Cell Phones and GPS: A Solution for Cell Phone Theft?

The proliferation of cell phones worldwide today has led to the proliferation of a new kind of crime: cell phone theft. Most of us know someone who has had a cell phone stolen at some point—and many reading this are the unfortunate victims of such a theft. According to some estimations, over 100 cell phones are stolen every minute. Today’s smartphones contain a lot more information than the original cell phones did, so having one stolen can really throw your life into upheaval. What kind of sensitive data can be compromised if your cell phone is stolen? Not only personalRead More

GPS: Recovering More Than iPhones

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that a GPS device can recover stolen property. We’ve reported on many a case of stolen property, be it a vehicle or iPhone, that were recovered thanks to GPS tracking devices. In Colorado, News 9 recently ran a story that was meant to demonstrate the problems with a simple cable lock typically used to secure a bike in place. Not only did it highlight the fact cable locks are a poor choice, it demonstrated the value in a GPS device as well. The Operation The investigative team at the news station placed bikes allRead More

India: Robber Caught Thanks To GPS

India knows the value of GPS technology. High incidents of rape and molestations led the country to install GPS devices on the country’s school buses and in public transportation vehicles. India has realized the potential of the technology to combat crime, bringing the from third-world status to something more. Evidence of the power of transportation equipped with GPS devices: a recent case where Sangvi authorities were able to capture two men who robbed employees of a Tech Mahindra company in a mere three hours. The driver, 23-year old Ganesh Rankhamb and a security guard, Ganesh Pawar, both employees of TechRead More

Ocala, FL: iPhone’s GPS Locates Both Stolen Phone And Suspect For Authorities

Yet again, built-in smartphone GPS saves a stolen device and leads cops right to the perpetrator. Police in Ocala, FL discovered the robber with the stolen iPhone and two other phones in his possession. Officer Christopher Scaglione was conducting foot patrol in late June, and came across a man who approached him. This man told Scaglione he and a group of friends had been talking with another man. When that other man left, it was discovered that three of the groups’ iPhones, a Social Security card, and some cash had gone missing. After hearing their story, Officer Scaglione took aRead More

GPS Pays Off in Vehicle Recovery

When two car thieves broke into a Nissan Scion in the quiet town of Leigh Acres, Florida, they had no way of knowing that their every move was being watched. It all began when Pablo Medina and Ryan Chisolm, now both facing multiple charges, discovered an unlocked pickup truck. Looking for a cheap crime of opportunity, they were discovered that inside the unlocked truck were the keys to another car, the Scion, in the driveway.  Pablo and Ryan unlocked the Scion, hopped in, and drove off for a night of fun-filled felonies. They broke into five more vehicles that night,Read More