Smartphones vs. Dedicated GPS Devices


Why would a company that owns a few service vehicles prefer to install dedicated GPS tracking devices in their vehicles instead of just issuing employees smartphones? Smartphones are great! I have two smartphones in my household and most of my friends have one. One of my favorite features of the iPhone is its built-in GPS. I prefer it to my vehicle’s built-in navigation system for finding places to eat. At Rocky Mountain Tracking we loved the idea of building tracking apps for smartphones. We assumed that dedicated devices would eventually be phased out, but that hasn’t happened – mainly because ofRead More

Maintenance Made Easy With GPS Tracking

The maintenance industry is as diverse as it is important. The people employed within this industry are tasked with the duty of making equipment available, and because of that, they are often on the road. As someone managing a fleet such as this, it’s important that you keep the fleet and yourself organized and informed at all times. GPS fleet tracking, a large format version of generic GPS tracking, is a great way to manage and keep a consistent structure at the same time. With a long list of features, you are sure to find the resources your business needsRead More

Your Privacy: What Does It Really Mean to You?

An article on a Dallas, Texas, news site (KDAF-TV) puts an interesting spin on GPS tracking technology. Right now, the Supreme Court is trying to decide whether or not warrantless GPS tracking is illegal. Yet (as the article points out), Americans allow themselves to be tracked regularly without much concern at all. You may even allow the world to track you regularly. How? Social networking sites are the main culprits here. Think about sites like Foursquare and Facebook. These sites allow users to log into a tracking feature via cell phone. When you “check in” to one of these sites,Read More

Man Accused of Tracking Woman Via GPS, Killing Her: Pleads Not Guilty

A man from Surrey, British Columbia was recently charged with stalking and killing a woman he met online. According to prosecutors, the man, Dmitry Smirnov, tracked the woman via a GPS tracking device he put on her car. After he tracked the woman, he reportedly killed her. The Chicago Tribune reports that Assistant State Attorney David Bayer seeks a sentence of 100 years in prison for the shooting. Making the case against him even more solid, Sminov apparently researched the Chicago death penalty before committing his crime. He bought his gun in Seattle and committed the crime in Oak Brook;Read More

Where are your Company Work Vans Right Now? Find Out!

You need to use every advantage that you can find to run your business lean and mean these days.  If not, you’ll find yourself stuck in a bind financially in a hurry.  Technology is a great place to look for ways to run an efficient operation and here are five of the best reasons to implement GPS Tracking to help you run lean while maximizing profits. Employee Safety and Responsibility Driver safety is of the utmost importance and once you have installed GPS Tracking devices into your fleet of vehicles it will send a message to them that you careRead More

Recorded GPS Tracking Data Verifies Your Actions

Police investigations into automobile accidents are very time consuming and often are subject to a certain amount of speculation.  Even if there are witnesses, those accounts can differ significantly.  This is all the more reason that GPS Tracking devices should be installed into your vehicles.  Providing verification services is one small, but important part that these units can have during your travels. Here are the important ways that they can help you: Verifying Location Were you where you said that you were?  Do you remember the details of your accident? Most people’s minds black out the actual events of an accident. TheRead More

School Districts Increase Efficiency with GPS Tracking

School bus operators and commercial fleet managers have the same problems in managing their fleets. It can be difficult to gather precise information about what route was driven, how long stops took, and where a disabled vehicle is located. Lack of this information limits the ability to plan the most efficient route for each fleet vehicle. Some school districts are trying GPS fleet tracking technology to keep tabs on their buses. Fleet tracking works like any other GPS tracking. Each vehicle in the fleet is equipped with a device that communicates with satellites to determine the location and movement ofRead More

Houston Police Put On Demonstration

Car Safety When discussing car safety and auto-theft protection many experts will usually discuss GPS tracking systems, car alarms or more simple steps such as parking a vehicle in the garage or locking doors. The experts will usually share statistics about the increase in car burglaries, and some helpful tips on how to prevent the problem. Taking a more hands-on approach to the problem with car-theft and burglary, the Houston Police Department decided to give people a demonstration on how quickly and efficiently the bad guys operate. With the assistance of State Farm Insurance, who provided the police a demoRead More

Vehicle Tracking Systems

By Greg Bartlett Vehicle tracking systems can be used in a variety of ways. One of the most common ways is for a fleet of vehicle, usually for a car rental service or for a business that provides house calls for its customers. When a car rental uses GPS tracking on their vehicles, it is usually to protect against vehicles being stolen or lost. A business may use the vehicle tracking system to determine the amount of time its workers are spending at each house call, how much extra gas mileage they are expending, and how long they leave theirRead More

The Many Types of Tracking Systems

By Greg Bartlett How many different types of tracking systems do you think there are available? While many people may think that only a few exist, the possibilities are endless and opportunities abound to exploit the advantages of a GPS tracker. GPS tracking systems can be used for a variety of things. One of the most well-known is used for tracking vehicles. Whether you want to keep track of your spouse or children, or whether you simply want to know where your car is at all times, a GPS system could suit you perfectly. Some people hide the GPS systemRead More