Eli Manning Being Monitored With a GPS Device?

Closeup of American Football on Field

The New York Giants have begun tracking their players with GPS technology. We’re used to hearing about police tracking suspects with a GPS device, but that’s only one of the many, ever-growing uses for the technology. Although the Giants are the first American football team to implement GPS tracking, the technology has been used around the globe to monitor athletes during training. These devices allow coaches, trainers, and sports doctors to know precisely how far and how fast an athlete is moving. With this information, the team can adjust each player’s training to enhance performance and prevent injury.   ARead More

GPS Devices Used for PSG Soccer Training


The parade of new uses for tracking with GPS devices continues. We’ve seen it used in law enforcement, company and city vehicle monitoring, and even in keeping tabs on endangered species in the wild. This month, a prominent European soccer coach told reporters that he plans to use GPS tracking devices to keep a very close eye on what his players are doing during training. With the detailed location data that trackers can provide in real time, they could gain a footing among sports teams of all kinds to increase the effectiveness of training routines. Carlo Ancelotti, formerly in chargeRead More