GPS Locator to Improve Train Safety

A train company in India has announced that it plans to install GPS devices in its trains to improve their operational safety. The devices will gather data that will then control the functioning of problem-prone lights in the parcel car of the train. Risk of Fire Indian Railways has a history of issues with fires in the parcel cars of their trains. Three major incidents over the last couple of years have sparked panic among passengers and resulted in damage to both the trains and their contents. The fires appear to be caused by a short circuit in the lightingRead More

CRIS Hopes to Integrate GPS Tracking Devices in Mumbai Trains By 2013

Australian Boy Hit by Train

Mumbai, India becomes the next big city to discuss GPS tracking of their commuter trains, setting the goal of possible fleet-wide installation by 2013. This will help passengers better use the world’s fourth largest network of railways, although the plan is still merely a topic of debate for officials. The Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) worked together to come up with a report detailing a GPS tracking solution with the hope of making future rail travel easier and more convenient for passengers. The GPS tracking system they are considering will provide preciseRead More

Indian Railways Use GPS to Track Trains

Trains in India are about to take a major technological step forward. The Indian Railways have begun implementing a new program called Real-Time Train Information System (RTIS), using GPS tracking technology. Trains are not exactly a new technology. Transportation has seen many improvements since the train, including the obvious jets and airplanes. However, this technology remains quite useful and relevant in the modern age. Traveling by train is typically quite a bit cheaper than flying, and in some places, trains are still the best way to get to your destination. One of the ways trains have remained so useful, isRead More

Australian Boy Hit By Train: Parents Call for GPS Trackers

Perhaps GPS tracking could have averted a tragic accident on March 30. The sad story of Kieran hit the news last Thursday morning. The six-year-old autistic boy wandered from his home in Geelong, a city in the Australian state of Victoria, around 6 p.m. By 7 p.m., police had been alerted by several phone calls, including people who had seen the boy crossing a highway, and were searching for the lost child. About half an hour later, a train on its way to Warrnambool struck and killed the boy. The driver saw someone on the tracks and pulled the emergencyRead More

2010 Census Workers Will Use GPS Tracking Systems

The work of conducting a census starts long before the actual census begins. Those who will conduct our next census  next year in 2010 have already begun to prepare, recruit additional workers and put the systems in place that will be needed to ensure the information that gathered gives an accurate account of our country’s population. And before that data can be collected, officials need to get data on who actually lives where before they can get further assessments. This year officials in Ohio have already started looking for people that they can train to take on address canvassing. ThisRead More

Top 10 Personal Safety Tips

Whether you are a man, woman or child, there is no way to guarantee your personal safety. When you are at home, work, school, the mall or taking an evening walk, there is no weapon or defense tactic that can assure your safety 100% of the time. As you read this, you probably think I’m only talking about safety from a potential attack by another person. I’m not. Let’s think outside the box for a minute. There are other things that can pose a threat, such as, animals, mother nature, our own actions, and medical issues. Here are some commonRead More

GPS Used to Track Freight

We barely stop to think about the amount of goods that are still being transported through the United States by railway. Since it is not a mode of transportation that is used frequently to deliver passengers from one place to another as much as in the past, it is easy to forget about our train system. Right now as you read this, the Port of Tacoma is experimenting with a GPS tracking system to keep track of containers that are being transported from terminals at waterfronts to their final destinations. Using GPS tracking technology, port officials will be able toRead More

Shippers Look to Satellite Tracking to Improve Services

By Brad Borst The Port of Tacoma recently announced they are testing GPS satellite tracking systems to monitor containers that are being shipped across the United States. The goal is to obtain data from the tracking that will improve the speed and reliability during the movement of the cargo containers. The Port of Tacoma is not alone in their proactive approach to achieve greater success with this new technology. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and several other companies are joining in their lead to utilize GPS container tracking systems. Cargo containers, trains, trailers, and other equipment don’t usually have aRead More

GPS Tracking to Keep Trains on Track

The U.S. does not have the type of passenger rail system that Europe has, so sometimes it is easy to forget that trains are still a viable form of transportation. Instead of taking a lot of people where they want to go, our train system is active in transporting cargo all over the country. We really only think about trains where there is a derailment or some other accident. In Australia, they are working to merge this old transportation method with new technology. A company is sent to sign a $90 million agreement to make a GPS train tracking system.Read More