Where are your Company Work Vans Right Now? Find Out!

You need to use every advantage that you can find to run your business lean and mean these days.  If not, you’ll find yourself stuck in a bind financially in a hurry.  Technology is a great place to look for ways to run an efficient operation and here are five of the best reasons to implement GPS Tracking to help you run lean while maximizing profits. Employee Safety and Responsibility Driver safety is of the utmost importance and once you have installed GPS Tracking devices into your fleet of vehicles it will send a message to them that you careRead More

Vehicle Tracking Systems

By Greg Bartlett Vehicle tracking systems can be used in a variety of ways. One of the most common ways is for a fleet of vehicle, usually for a car rental service or for a business that provides house calls for its customers. When a car rental uses GPS tracking on their vehicles, it is usually to protect against vehicles being stolen or lost. A business may use the vehicle tracking system to determine the amount of time its workers are spending at each house call, how much extra gas mileage they are expending, and how long they leave theirRead More

Vehicle Tracking Devices

By Greg Bartlett Vehicle tracking devices can come in a variety of forms. Whether for an undercover operation, or simply because you want to be easily found if you are ever lost, you can find affordable and easy to use trackers that are convenient for you and your needs. The basic GPS device that most people think of is the one that tells directions, speed, and location of a vehicle. This vehicle tracking device is placed in easy sight of everyone within the car. Another type of GPS is one that can be secretly placed on the car. This typeRead More

Vehicle Tracking Impacts Drivers

By Greg Bartlett Many people may wonder why some businesses find it necessary to install tracking devices in their vehicles. While it may seem like an unnecessary precaution to install vehicle tracking, some companies have found that fleet tracking has allowed them to better serve their customers, as well as save on fuel consumption. A company in the United Kingdom began tracing the effects of their tracking systems and found that some businesses saved up to 15% of their annual fuel costs. These savings have allowed them to quickly pay off and profit from the purchase of the vehicle trackingRead More

GPS Tracking Protects Children from Predators

By Greg Bartlett As a parent, you know the joys of watching your child experience a myriad of firsts. The first step, the first solid food, the first word—all of these moments are indelibly inscribed in your memory as unforgettable cherished recollections. You know the heartbreak of watching your children experience rejection for the first time and the joy of seeing them succeed, and you wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything in the world. But what if those life altering moments were suddenly stolen from you? Kidnappings occur far more often in this country than most people realize and mostRead More

Make Profits Soar with GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

By James Neely Of all of the methods available in the pursuit of profitability, a GPS vehicle tracking system gives you added tools and information that will help you achieve success in your business like never before. Here is how it works and how you can put it to use in your business. Monitor your business. Does your business rely on time and location operations? Do you have a fleet of vehicles or assets that must be managed at a close level? If so then a GPS Tracking system is a must for your business operations. You can monitor onRead More

How to Increase Driver Safety and Responsibility

By James Neely When it comes to safety and responsibility on the roads, nothing compares to an investment of the principles that apply to safe and responsible driving. It is easy for fleet drivers to become lax overtime because driving is their job and the more miles driven makes them become less tuned in to the things that are important. That is why a GPS vehicle tracking system is a must for any fleet operations. There are many features and benefits to a fleet of vehicles that have been outfitted with these devices, but safety and responsibility are at theRead More

Service Calls Are a Breeze with a GPS Tracking System

By James Neely Running a service oriented business that depends on deadlines and punctuality; you cannot have a better tool to help you reach your customer goals than a GPS Tracking system. These come in a variety of sizes and options but all supply one purpose: to help run your business in a more efficient manner. Here is how it works: Arrival times. You can check arrival times of your service personnel and verify their compliance to appointments. If one is consistently late, you have the evidence to prove or disprove the infractions and you are able to handle theRead More

Going Green with GPS Tracking Systems

By James Neely The trend toward creating a ‘green’ environment in which businesses and individuals strive to use less of the earth’s resources and be conservative in the ones that we do use is prevalent right now. The debates about the validity of some of the tenants of living or working with a ‘green’ mindset will wage on but it still is wise to get involved because it can help your company save money. That advantage alone is worth the effort. And if it helps with the environment at the same time, then, all the better. A GPS Tracking systemRead More

Using A Vehicle Tracking System to Protect Your Car

By Greg Bartlett Every year, millions of cars are stolen. Some are taken by teenagers looking for a joyride while others are stolen by professional thieves looking to strip down the car for all valuable parts. I recently purchased a car, and, like most automobile owners, I have no wish for my vehicle to be stolen. So it’s worth it to me to make sure that my car is protected. There are some basic things I can do to help protect my vehicle, such as locking the doors, not leaving valuables in plain sight, and parking in a well-lit area.Read More