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Fleet Management Tracking

GPS Live Tracking Increases Efficiency & Simplifies Routing

Dispatch & GPS Routing

Instantly find the vehicle that's closest to an address
bullet Route the vehicle by shortest route or quickest route using maps and text directions


Receive alerts you when a vehicle arrives at a pre-defined location
bullet Live Tracking with street level mapping displaying: address, speed, & direction
bullet Reduce communication between dispatcher and driver
bullet Improve Response Time
bullet Improve Customer Service
bullet Reduce Driving Time & Delays
bullet Meet Deadlines
bullet Reduce Mileage
bullet Monitor duration of stops by vehicle
bullet Monitor Arrival and Departure Times

Featured Product Overview:

GPS TRACKING SYSTEM An ideal tracking unit for fleet management is our RMT Informer Lite. It's an active device that allows you to monitor your fleet in real time. It is very easy to install. The antenna is very sensitive and will even track through the dash of a vehicle. Find out more...


GPS Fleet Tracking Solution Highlights

Fleet Monitoring

Routing: Allows the user to instantly type in an address, map the address, and the software finds the closest vehicle to that address.The vehicle can then be routed by shortest route or by quickest route.

Geofencing: A geofence is a geographic region on a map that generates an event when a vehicle enters or exits the region and sends an alert.

Key info. At a glance: Provides the convenience and accessibility to use the software from virtually any internet connection.The software can be configured to run independently on a single Windows PC or on a network of PCs that share a common database (such as Microsoft SQL Server).The software was designed to facilitate in multi-tasking applications.

Rapid Tracking: Itís often critical to follow a vehicle very closely as it moves along on the map.†† Multiple vehicles may be placed in Rapid Tracking mode at once. The vehicle positions are updated every few seconds and the map is re-centered and zoomed to include all vehicles in Rapid Tracking mode

Decreases Excess Speeds: By tracking the speed of your vehicles you can reduce the chance of an accident and save money on fuel. Our systems keep a complete record of your vehicles speed at any particular moment.

Validates Service Calls: By simply looking at the history of a vehicle you can quickly tell when it arrived and how long it was at a particular service call. There is a clear record which eliminates assumptions and guesswork.

More Accurate Billing: Using a GPS solution creates a digital log of time speed and route used by your fleet. Time and fuel costs used specifically on the job can be accurately calculated with this digital log.

Reduce Fuel and Maintenance Costs: The average operating cost per vehicle is about $1.50 per mile. A company can reduce at least 25 miles per week for each vehicle with the RMT Rover Tracking System.

Reduce Delay and Time Spent at Unauthorized Locations: With our software you can not only track but easily establish an alert system for events like a driver going outside of a designated area or staying idle for too long.

Receive Lower Insurance Rates by up to 35%: Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for vehicles that have a Real Time GPS system.

Increase Efficiency: On average, each vehicle could complete at least one extra stop, job, or delivery per week by using the one of our web based systems.

Eliminates Paper Logs: The digital record is not subject to human error and makes the process of record keeping more in depth without any additional hassle.

Improves Response Time & Customer Service: By knowing where your vehicles at all times on a real time map, dispatchers can easily send the nearest vehicle when a new job arises. This saves both money and time.

Monitors Driver Activities: Many of our systems report all vehicle activity and immediately alert fleet managers by cell phone and email of speeding and unauthorized use of company vehicles.

Application Options: Your fleet management tracking system can be set up to detect several activities that are complete separate from simply tracking. You can monitor: seatbelt use, door lock/ unlock, starter kill, vehicle alarm notification, vehicle remote start (If equipped with remote start).

Reduces Operating Costs: Idling causes twice the amount of damage as average driving. One hour of idling is equal to between 80 and 120 minutes of driving time. The resulting loss of fuel economy from excessive idling can add up to 800 gallons of fuel annually for the average truck. Monitoring and reducing speeds, routes, and idle times are just a few things that fleet owners can do to lower their fuel bills. Each mile per hour above 50 MPH increases fuel consumption by 1.5 percent. Wear on tires almost doubles on road speeds of 70 MPH or greater.

Reduces Overtime: Employee overtime rates are estimated at about $30/hour. On average, a company can reduce at least 1 hour of overtime per week with a GPS fleet monitoring system.

Monitors Routes and Stops: Creating a digital log of routes and stops is key for determining whether your fleet is running efficiently. Idle time and stops at unauthorized locations can become costly for your business; with a GPS system you can ensure that this does not become a problem.

Eliminates Paper Logs: GPS software keeps a digital log of speed, stops, route, and arrival times. This record is far more accurate and harder to dispute than paper logs. A digital record is not subject to human error. It creates more detailed records without any additional hassle.

Detects Side Jobs: By tracking both real time and historic data you can spot and eliminate suspicious use of your vehicles by employees. If employees are aware that they can be monitored they are less likely to engage in side jobs and unproductive behavior.

Improves Safety & Driver Responsibility: Drivers who know they are being monitored are more careful. This can reduce accidents.

Prevents Fraudulent Claims: With a good digital log you can prove that your fleet was where it needed to be when it needed to be there


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