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GPS 3100

Passive GPS Tracking System

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Key Benefits

Passive Tracking / No Monthly Fee's
  • 8.0 SOFTWARE

The 3100 tracker offers a data logging solution that provides you with valuable information to include:
  • Where a person traveled
  • How fast they drove
  • When they stopped
  • How long they stopped
The 3100 will store up 300 hours of data and uses AA batteries ( not included).

Software Features & Reporting


The powerful digital mapping software that is included features on-screen animations of the vehicle movement.


The printed reports are easy to read and can be customized to provide you with all
of the travel details - including date/time, starts, stops, speeds and even addresses.

GPS and Data Specifications

The GPS 3100 can accurately evaluate travel activities with proof of exact date, time, speed, direction of travel and location. This GPS system has a self contained antenna, is water resistant, and has magnets. This system does not have any monthly fees. The GPS 3100 is easy to use! It can be concealed anywhere in your vehicle. This system includes mapping software for the entire United States.

We protect your privacy. Your GPS system will be shipped in discreet packaging - "From RMT." Your credit card statement will show the charge as "RMT" and will say nothing about GPS.


Your Purchase Includes:

bullet 3100 INT Tracking Device
bullet USB Download Cable
bullet Mapping Software
bullet Manufacturers 1 Year Limited Warranty
bullet Free Technical Support


Covert Places to Install the 3100

Hiding a GPS from plain view isn’t difficult. In fact, most GPS trackers are hidden from view. To find a spot that nobody will detect, consider the layout of your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to think about where the person (or persons) who use the vehicle daily will sit. Below, you will find some covert places to install a GPS tracker.

  1. Underneath the dash pad. Most people will not look in this area for a GPS tracker.
  2. Behind the steering column
  3. Between a vehicle’s grill and radiator (avoid heat)
  4. Underneath passenger and driver side seats
  5. Under plastic interior panels
  6. Under kick pads
  7. Under brake light cover
  8. Inside seat pocket
  9. Inside speaker
  10. Inside glove compartment
  11. Under vehicle (if magnet is equipped)
  12. Inside front or rear bumper (if plastic or rubber)

Even though hiding a GPS tracker may be important, it is also important that your tracker not be blocked by metal or any other object in order to gain the best reception. If you want to conceal your tracker, consider purchasing one of our InstallCards. This will ensure an expert installation that is undetectable, but also functional.

Terms of Service

The GPS 3100 is a passive tracking device which means that it records data that can later be downloaded and reviewed. There are no service fees or contracts.

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GPS Accessories

Cigarette Lighter Power Cable:

Part CigPowerCable3100 - Cigarette Lighter Power Cable
For additional info about this product, call (888) 242-0500


GPS Accessories

Bare Leads Power Cable:

Part LeadsPowerCable3100 - Bare Leads Power Cable
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GPS Accessories

Industrial Velcro:

Part Industrial Velcro - Industrial Velcro For additional info about this product, call (888) 242-0500


GPS Battery Packs:

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GPS Accessories
AA Lithium Batteries, 4 Pack: Lithium Batteries
It is recommended that Lithium Batteries be used in all of our GPS 3100 models. Lithium Batteries last 5 times longer than regular batteries! 4 Pack.
GPS Accessories

AA Standard Batteries, 4 Pack:

Energizer Standard AA Batteries, 4 Pack.


The 3100 is a passive tracking device

We recommend that lithium batteries be used in our 3100 models. The 3100 models can also be powered with a Cigarette Lighter Power Cable or a Bare Leads Power Cable.

This GPS System is NEW with the latest 8.0 version of software, satellite images, and USB port.

Please Note: The 3100 GPS Tracking devices and software are not compatible with Mac Operating Systems.

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Passive Tracking Systems

The GPS 3100 INT Passive tracking system:

In the world of passive tracking, there are many options that a person can choose. One of the least expensive for the number of features it provides is the GPS 3100 INT GPS passive tracking device from Rocky Mountain Tracking. This is a small device that has magnets on the casing so that it can be attached to the vehicles secretly inside or outside. It is a passive GPS system that must be attached to a personal computer via a USB port to download the data captured by this GPS device.

These GPS passive devices are powered by AA batteries or an adaptor that can draw power from the vehicle. Choices include a cigarette lighter adaptor, or a hardwired lead power supply that can be attached to the car�s electrical system so that the passive gps system never runs out of power.

Because the GPS 3100 INT is a passive GPS device, there are no monthly monitoring fees involved. Once the original purchase price is paid, this unit is the sole property of the purchaser. This does not mean that the owner is without resources or technical support if needed, however. Passive vehicle tracking systems like the GPS 3100 INT b are ideal for parents who want to secretly monitor their teenaged drivers.

The GPS 3100 INT passive tracking devices come with built in mapping software so that the data can be put into context and read in a useful manner. Not all passive GPS systems have this feature. Some have to link with a mapping service such as Google Earth in order to have the GPS data translated into a useful form. Other GPS passive tracking devices require an internet connection to link with the service provider in order to put the passive GPS information into a useful form.

The GPS 3100 INT records passive GPS data including location, direction of travel, speed of travel, duration of stops, and many other features that can be used as proof in the event of a teens driving outside prescribed boundaries or breaking speed laws. The accuracy of these GPS passive tracking systems is within 1 meter, making it accurate enough to be accepted in a court of law.

Rocky Mountain Tracking keeps your privacy uppermost when shipping your passive tracking devices. The return address on the shipping package will simply read RMT, as will the credit card statement if paid by credit card. GPS vehicle passive tracking devices are very affordable and high quality at www.rmtracking.com.

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