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The SilverCloud Tag is a compact, pocket-sized, live GPS tracker that can be utilized for various personal tracking applications.

Silver Cloud TAG Features
  • Real Time Tracking And Location Of Assets
  • Unlimited Location History
  • User Friendly Online GPS Tracking Software
  • GPS Location Accuracy of 2.5m
  • Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Lasts up to 6 Days at 2 Hours Per Day.
  • Simulated 3D & 2D Historical Playback
  • Tracking Software is Accessible from iPhone & iPad App
  • Receive Alerts via SMS & Email.
  • View Detailed Activity Reports
  • Accessories available
  • Live Tracking Intervals Every 60 Seconds

Silver Cloud
Physical Specifications:
3.9"(L) x 2.3"(W) x 0.9"(H)

The Silver Cloud includes unlimited data and comes with 1 minute updates for only $29.95 per month.

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Personal Tracker, Silver Cloud GPS with Internal Battery and USB Charger:

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Optional Accessories:

Waterproof Box w/Magnet for Silver Cloud:

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Rent the SilverCloud for $99.95 per month. Please call for details.

GPS Personal Tracking

The World's Smallest Personal Tracker Now Available

The Silver Cloud personal tracker device from Rocky Mountain Tracking is one of the smallest portable trackers in the world. Measuring only 4"(L) x 2.5"(W) x 1"(H), this is the ideal device for most portable tracking needs.

The Silver Cloud can be used covertly to track via GPS the movements of vehicles driven by teens without risk of these portable GPS devices being discovered if you do not want the people in the car to know they are being tracked. They can also be easily hidden in an out of the way location so that thieves are less likely to locate and remove them. This makes vehicles safer because the personal tracker can be used to alert police.

Unique among personal trackers, the Silver Cloud can be used in a wide variety of ways. It is even possible to order these portable GPS devices installed in a pouch on a dog collar for the purpose of tracking a pet with GPS technology when traveling across country. By the same token, the Silver Cloud can be used to monitor the whereabouts of children and seniors with dementia to prevent them getting lost which is really the intended use for this personal tracker.

The Silver Cloud is so small that it can be used to provide portable tracking of valuable packages in transit too. GPS devices designed for this purpose are normally far too expensive to be available for individuals. However, the Silver Cloud is reasonably priced and monitoring contracts are inexpensive enough to justify the expense when it is imperative that the whereabouts of a package be known at any given time.

Unlike many GPS devices used as a personal tracker, the Silver Cloud retains its accuracy, even inside most containers and buildings that would normally affect whether or not the GPS data were reliable. Rain and heavy weather also have little effect on the accuracy of the GPS data.

The software that drives the Silver Cloud is capable of being set up to provide real time tracking of valuable assets and people. GPS data can be obtained from any computer with an active internet connection. The Silver Cloud tracking intervals can be set as frequent as every 10 seconds. This is ideal for investigators who need to follow the movements of a suspect.

The Silver Cloud personal tracker makes use of a 1400 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery and comes with a wall charger. Depending on the frequency of locate intervals set, the internal battery could last up to several months before having to be recharged. However, the more frequently you have the device locating, the faster the battery will run down. If the Silver Cloud is tracking on 30 second tracking intervals (continuous tracking), you can expect 4-5 days of battery life.

Small portable GPS is finding many new uses in business and with individuals. There are many portable GPS devices available on the market today to meet different needs and handle the GPS data differently. The smallest and most versatile of all portable trackers is the Silver Cloud.

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