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More Than 70 pieces of Heavy Equipment Are Stolen Every Day in the United States. As Little as 10% of Stolen Equipment is Recovered.

There is a simple low cost way to protect your heavy equipment.

Make Your Heavy Construction Equipment Virtually Theft Proof!

bullet An asset tracking system can give the location of your asset instantly allowing you to recover it.
bullet A GPS asset recovery system can lower your insurance costs.
bullet If you chose a proper GPS equipment tracking system it will still give you a location even if the thief cuts the battery cable.
bullet Depending on the type GPS System purchased you can track your equipment on a regular basis improving efficiency or you can purchase an on demand system that only tells you the location when you need it.

Featured Product Overview:

GPS TRACKING SYSTEM RMT's Smart Tracker System - The Smart Tracker is an On-demand Web-based Tracking & Asset Recovery Device. Easily locate the current position of your vehicle. Many features such as Request Track, Night Owl, Auto Track, GEO fence, Group Commands, Speed Traps and more. More Details ...


Asset Recovery

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Landscape Construction Magazine:
Keep Tabs on your Fleet. (RMT Rover GPS Article)

Asset Tracking System

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