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RMT InstallCard - Professional Installation

1700 Licensed Installers Nationwide!

InstallCard #42-1113: Vehicle Tracking Installation
With this InstallCard a professional installer will install your Automatic Vehicle Location System into your car. This InstallCard will cover the labor needed to mount the transceiver, GPS antenna, transmitting antenna, and the necessary power cables. Standard installation will also include wiring into the vehicle’s ignition. Optional connections for interior light, door locks or other input signals may result in additional charges.


  • European cars BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc and some exotic vehicles, there may be additional labor due to the complexity of their wiring.
  • Additional Input signals connections for interior light, door locks or other input signals may result in additional charges

    Scheduling Your Installation is Easy!

    When you receive your RMT InstallCard, simply follow the instructions on the back of the card to activate it.

    Upon choosing an installer in your area, you will be asked to choose a preferred schedule date. An InstallerNet customer representative will contact you to confirm the details of your scheduling preferences.

    When you bring your vehicle in to have the scheduled work done, all you must do is to present your RMT InstallCard to the installer. The installer is paid for their labor by InstallNet*, and you have the benefit of knowing that our product has been installed professionally, with all warantees** intact.

    List Price
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    RMT InstallCard 42-1113:

    Professional installation services by a certified InstallNet member.


    * RMT InstallCard 42-1113 Scope of Work:

    Standard installation is covered and consists of physical mounting of unit, required wiring for power, GPS antenna, and one accessory lead for ignition sense. Optional connections for interior light, door locks or other input signals may result in additional charges.

    ** Where applicable, where manufacturer's warantee may exist or additional warantees purchased.

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