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GPS Fleet Tracking & Monitoring System with On-board Diagnostics

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Key Benefits

  • Live Tracking with 1 Minute Unlimited Locates
  • Full-Featured Vehicle or Fleet Tracking
  • Reports up to 11 Dashboard Indicators
  • Reports up to 10 System Diagnostic Checks
  • No Installation (Easy Plug & Play)
  • Monitor Driver Behavior
  • Reduces Operating Costs
  • 2-Year Hardware Warranty
  • Flexible pricing Options with our "Flex Plan"
  • GPS Fleet Monitoring & OBD Vehicle Diagnostics

    The Informer OBD offers extensive tracking data and on-board diagnostics. The Informer OBD can be used for a wide range of applications, but it's ideal for management of fleets. The Informer OBD can increase productivity and decrease operating costs with our simplified tracking and reporting software. Our Flex plan offers FREE GPS hardware, a 2-year warranty and a low monthly payment.

    Software Features & Reporting

    tracking software login    fleet tracking view    Off-hours fleet tracking   
    Secure Login    Fleet View    Off-Hours Use   
    • Every account is set up with a secure password protected online login.
    • Multiple logins can be assigned for multiple users, groups of vehicles or multiple offices of different regions.
    • Each login can be assigned a different level of access.

    • Multiple vehicles can be monitored from a single map and will occur live.
    • Any vehicle or group of vehicles can be viewed from a global level all the way down to street level by simply scrolling the mouse wheel or by using the zoom controls in the software.

    • The off-hours reports are an easy way to monitor off-hours use of vehicles.
    • An administrator can view a graph to compare vehicle use during business hours vs. off-hours and easily identify vehicles with excessive or prohibited driving patterns.

    gps geofencing    fleet activity tracking report    gps vehicle routing   
    Geofencing    Fleet Activity Report    Vehicle Routing   
    • The Geofence feature reports each time an asset or vehicle moves in or out of a geofence zone.
    • Geofence zones can range from 10 meters to an infinite distance.
    • When Geo-Fence is enabled, the device will send an email or an SMS text message to advise a user or administrator that Geo-Fence boundary has been crossed.

    • Fleet managers may utilize reports to quickly identify improper use of vehicles.
    • The comprehensive Risk Management Reports can identify suspicious driving behavior.
    • This report highlights weekend and after-hours usage, shows which drivers are routinely exceeding set speed limits, and helps identify excessive idling to reduce fuel consumption.

    • Dispatchers can enter a destination address to find and route the closest vehicle.
    • When a destination address is entered in the software, a route will be instantly generated to find the closest vehicle to the destination.
    • With the click of a button, a route can be generated for the desired vehicle by shortest distance or by quickest response time.

    gps mapping    gps satellite tracking image    gps history tracking report   
    Mapping    Satellite Imagery    History Reports & Maps   
    • The functionality of the maps allow for easy navigation, such as, zoom in / out.
    • With mouse wheel or map controls, simply grab and drag the map or pan with mouse or by using the map controls.
    • We use the latest (2013) Mappoint address software.

    • Choose from 2D & 3D road maps, Aerial satellite view or Virtual Earth's Bird's Eye satellite view.
    • Vehicles can all be monitored on the same map or individually.
    • Changing the map view doesn't change the window where live vehicle status can be monitored.

    • View all vehicle history for up to 3 years.
    • View Date, Time, Location, Speed, Stops, Duration, Stops by Vehicle, Trips by Vehicle, Idol Times, Heading, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Battery Level, Alerts, Excessive Speed, Geo-fence, and Ignition states.

    vehicle stop reports    gps fleet monitoring summary    excessive speed report   
    Reports by Stops    Fleet Summary Report    Excessive Speed Report   
    • Reports by Stop are an easy way to view fleet tracking data in an efficient manner.
    • View reports, such as, dates, times, & address of every stop for any timeline and for any device / vehicle without having to look at unnecesary data.

    • The Fleet Summary Report shows the live status of the entire fleet.
    • View groups, vehicles, last reported time, location, system status (moving, stopped, etc), zone and available status (ready for dispatch, off duty, in a meeting, etc.) for an entire fleet.

    • Speed thresholds can be set for each vehicle.
    • When the speed threshold is broken, an alert can be sent by email or text message to notify the administrator or manager. At the time of the event, the device reports the speed and position of the vehicle.


    Hardware Specifications

    gps location storage Stores up to 20,000 Locations
    gps alerts Low power consumption
    gps for military tracking U.S. Military and SAE certified
    gps outputs User defined reporting intervals
    gps relay Geofence ready
    gps battery inputs Supports 12v DC inputs
    gps antenna Internal GPS antenna
    gps accuracy Accuracy within 3 meters
    gps module for fleet tracking Quad band GSM module
    gps fleet tracking program Over-the-air programmability
    gps receiver for fleets 16 channel GPS Receiver
    gps waas accuracy WAAS capability

    OBD Features & Reporting

    monitor ignition on and off Ignition on/off monitoring (user-defined tracking intervals for both)
    excessive speed Excessive speed alerts with max speed settable by user
    gps vin reporting Vehicle VIN # when available
    gps odometer reporting Event notification when Trip Odometer Threshold is exceeded (Settable by user)
    gps vehicle speed reporting Vehicle Speed
    gps throttle reporting Throttle Position (% of full)
    gps fuel level reporting Fuel Level (as a %)
    gps transmission gear reporting Transmission Gear (Park/Reverse/Neutral/Drive)
    gps engine coolant and temperature reporting Engine Coolant Temperature
    gps battery voltage reporting Battery Voltage
    turn signal status reporting Turn Signal Status (Off, Left, Right , Both)
    odometer reporting by gps Trip Odometer
    gps fuel consumption reporting Trip Fuel Consumption
    gps mpg reporting MPG
    gps mpg reporting DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) viewable with device status (if any exist)
    dtc reporting Notification of DTC event via email or text message
    Note: The parameters reported depend on the Manufacturer's implementation for each vehicle.

    Dashboard Indicators

    gps dashboard indicator reporting Up to 11 "Dashboard" Indicators
    • Ignition Status
    • MIL Status (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) *
    • Airbag Indicator *
    • ABS Indicator
    • PTO Status (Trailer wiring harness connected)
    • Seatbelt Fastened
    • ABS Active
    • Cruise Control Status
    • Oil Pressure Lamp *
    • Brake Indicator Lamp
    • Coolant Hot Lamp *(* Generates an event that the user can request email/text message notifications)

    System Diagnostic Checks

    gps system diagnostic reporting Up to 10 System Diagnostic Checks
    • Misfire Monitor
    • Fuel System Monitor
    • Comprehensive Component Monitor
    • Catalyst Monitor
    • Heated Catalyst Monitor
    • Evaporative System Monitor
    • Secondary Air System Monitor
    • A/C System Monitor
    • Oxygen System Monitor
    • EGR System Monitor

    Flex Plan

    Contract Term Monthly 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
    Hardware Price $249.00 $150.00 $69.00 $69.00
    Activation Price $35.00 $35.00 $35.00 $35.00
    Monthly Fee $29.95 $24.95 $29.95 $24.95

    All plans include a tracking frequency of up to 1 minute unlimited locates while the ignition is on and 5 minute locates while the ignition is off.

    Finding The OBD Connection On Your Vehicle

    All vehicles built after January 1, 1996 should have an OBD connector. Some vehicles manufactured as early as 1994 have an OBD port. For your convenience, we have provided the following website as a resource to help our customers find the location of the OBD in their vehicle: OBD Vehicle Diagram.

    Terms of Service

    There is a $35 activation fee for the Informer OBD Service. We are your direct provider for support and service. For one year and two year terms, a contract must be signed by the customer prior to shipment. If an account was terminated early, there would be a $150 early termination fee.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Informer OBD Flex Plan includes a satisfaction guarantee. Any customer who is not satisfied with our tracking software and service within 90 days of purchase will be released from the contract term.

    Rent the Informer OBD for only $119.95 per month. Unlimited locates are included. Activation fees are waived for rentals. Please call 888-242-0500 for details.

    Order Securely Online or Call 888-242-0500

    Informer OBD

    Informer OBD

    Advanced tracking features makes the Informer OBD a great fit for almost any tracking application.


    Device & Plan Options
    $249.00 (w/Month-To-Month Contract @ $29.95/mo)
    $150.00 (w/1 Yr. Contract @ $24.95/mo)
    $69.00 (w/2 Yr. Contract @ $29.95/mo)
    $69.00 (w/3 Yr. Contract @ $24.95/mo)
    Activation - $35.00


    1 Year Extended Warranty:

    OPTIONAL: In addition to our 2-year hardware warranty, you can also buy a 1 Year Extended Warranty to cover your device for 3 years.



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