Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. to Introduce Engine Run-Time Tracking

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwired - Aug 19, 2013) - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. has announced it is in the process of developing a new software to measure engine run-time. The engine run-time feature will enable customers to monitor vehicle usage during both scheduled work times and off-hours.

The GPS Fleet Tracking & Monitoring System with On-board Diagnostics is ideal for companies wishing to comply with safety regulations for over-the-road drivers.

Federal mandates require that a trucker drive no more than 14 hours in a 24-hour period. This means that every day, a trucker must stop driving for at least ten hours. Any less than ten hours of time off means a trucker is sleepy and responds poorly to changing situations on the road. But this new software ensures that drivers are complying with these safety standards.

An estimated 5% of truck drivers moonlight, or take a second driving job after their primary one. Though this is not illegal in itself, it means that the second job cuts into the mandated ten hours of downtime a trucker must have.

The other advantages of the software features, as planned by the Rocky Mountain Tracking engineers, include reducing engine run-time with unattended vehicles and monitoring unauthorized use of vehicles. A company will know for sure that its employees are using their vehicles and equipment only for work-related tasks, and only during their scheduled working hours.

"Our goal is to simplify the jobs of fleet managers by offering them the tools necessary to reduce task management and operating costs," says Brad Borst, president of the company.

Companies that use the GPS Fleet Tracking & Monitoring System with On-board Diagnostics will spend less time monitoring job performance and truck safety, and they'll have a better picture of what happens with their vehicles. Besides simply tracking, they'll know that the equipment is being used in a safe, efficient manner.

About the company: Rocky Mountain Tracking was founded in 2003 and specializes in GPS tracking software and devices. They have provided more than 50,000 products and services to companies around the world and utilize devices that meet only the highest GPS standards.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. to Introduce Engine Run-Time Tracking

FORT COLLINS, Colo., July 10, 2012 -- Rocky Mountain Tracking (RMT) announces the development of NavIQ Mobile, a new GPS fleet tracking mobile website. Their customers no longer have to rely on a computer to see live GPS vehicle tracking system data. Thanks to their new mobile-friendly website, the end-user can access live tracking from any smartphone or tablet coupled with cell phone service or Internet access. The website streamlines RMT's NavIQ software for the cleanest mobile experience possible and can be found at

Owner and President of RMT, Brad Borst says, "At Rocky Mountain Tracking, we pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate and plan around the latest and best technology. Our smartphone and tablet compatible vehicle tracking system mobile website will ensure that our customers can view their assets remotely."

Any of the current smartphones or tablets are compatible with the mobile website including: iPads, iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys, and other tablets and smart phones. The website is streamlined specifically for these devices -- only presenting vital functions for a cleaner visual experience and faster load time for trackers on the go.

"We are thrilled to offer our customers the convenience of mobile fleet tracking. Whether it is at their desk, in their vehicle or at a coffee shop, now it is possible to track vehicles and other assets from endless locations and multi-task more efficiently," said Borst.

Logging in is easy and simple on a phone or tablet. Those with multiple devices can easily switch between each one to view individual stats for simple fleet tracking. The site gives device information for each device including: name, coordinates, street location, status (stopped, driving, etc.), speed, time and date.

The mapping offers a detailed map view with streets, parks and geographical landmarks clearly labeled. Users can also toggle to the earth setting for a more realistic view of where the device is located. The mobile NavIQ site is easy to use with touch screen buttons.

Rocky Mountain Tracking is a national leader in GPS tracking. Since 2003 they have provided customers with the best GPS vehicle tracking system for every budget while regularly surpassing customer service expectations. Those interested in learning more about RMT's new mobile-friendly website and their line of GPS tracking devices can call 888.242.0500 or visit

Rocky Mountain Tracking Releases Asset Tracking Solution -- The Smart Tracker Plus

FORT COLLINS, Colo., June 12, 2012 -- Rocky Mountain Tracking, a leading provider of GPS asset tracking devices since 2003, is proud to announce the release of the Smart Tracker Plus. The Smart Tracker Plus is similar to the extremely popular Smart Tracker, except the former has new, enhanced features. A waterproof casing, long lasting battery life and remote activation capability makes this an ideal GPS tracking device for construction companies, tractor trailer operators, and other industries that rely on their heavy machinery every day. Especially those companies that simply cannot afford to operate with the theft or disappearance of such valuable equipment.

There are more than 77,000 reported cases of heavy equipment theft each year alone in the nation. Usually items are not ever found again; some estimates point to a 7% recovery rate. Just like the Smart Tracker, the Smart Tracker Plus features remote activation and locates. That means customers can leave their devices un-activated, without a monthly service charge, until an event occurs that requires them to activate service.

The Smart Tracker Plus addresses many concerns that the users of the Smart Tracker had. For those who leave generators, backhoes, tractors, skid steers, and other equipment outside on the job, the new, waterproof casing is a definite plus. It has the ability to handle heavy precipitation, harsh weather, and extreme temperature variances. In addition, the Smart Tracker Plus features a built-in, backup battery. This backup battery has a superior lifespan over other GPS trackers; it can last up to 3 weeks without charging. This is also a huge relief for those who need to recover their lost or stolen equipment, even if it is missing for a long period of time.

In the case of a missing or stolen item, owners can logon to Rocky Mountain Tracking's NavIQ web-based asset tracking software, activate their device, purchase locates, and promptly locate the item. This device also features 23 geo-fences or "virtual perimeters" that customers can set on their GPS asset tracking device. In addition, the Smart Tracker Plus has an additional, optional component that can interrupt starter of a vehicle or machine. These are all important benefits for those that do not need to track their equipment on a daily or even weekly basis, but need vigilant protection in case of an emergency.

As the leader of GPS tracking devices, Rocky Mountain Tracking has helped thousands of customers find lost and stolen equipment and vehicles. To find out how you can protect your investments in the case of unforeseen circumstances, learn more about our products, or contact a customer representative, please visit the RMT website: or call 888-242-0500.

RM Tracking releases NavIQ in Spanish

Fort Collins, CO March 12, 2008 -- RM Tracking has released a Spanish language version of its proprietary NavIQ, a market-leading GPS tracking software.

"Launching a Spanish NavIQ is part of our perennial campaign to bring the immense benefits of GPS tracking to more and more customers," says Brad Borst of RM Tracking. "The Spanish version of the software is not only for use in the U.S. but also in Mexico, where we have excellent map coverage and network communication."

NavIQ GPS tracking software is primarily used for vehicle tracking, asset recovery, and personal tracking applications. Its features include live tracking, trip playback, event overlay, custom reporting, robust support, and geofencing.

The software also generates dynamic reports, with full color graphs, to enable fleet tracking managers to quickly identify improper use of company vehicles. The reports highlight weekend and after-hours usage, identify drivers who are routinely exceeding set speed limits, and identify excessive idling.

NavIQ's interactive mapping solution generates fast maps, custom map data, and global coverage. With support for over 56 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, NavIQ is truly a global solution.

"We already have a large number of customers benefiting from our tracking in Mexico," says Borst. "We anticipate a large increase in the number of customers we support in Mexico with the release of our NavIQ GPS tracking software in the Spanish language.

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.
Founded in 2003, Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) is the leading GPS tracking provider in the United States. RMT is very selective in the products that it integrates, and it conducts extensive product research to ensure that all products meet several certification standards. RMT's mission is to provide customers with the best and most affordable solution for their application using the latest technology and software. For more information, please visit

RM Tracking Provides Security in a Dangerous Situation

RM Tracking's reliable RMT Rover GPS tracking device helped track down a mentally disturbed woman as she drove across Maryland, keeping her out of harm's way and possibly saving her life.

Fort Collins, CO March 3, 2008 -- RM Tracking's reliable RMT Rover GPS tracking device helped track down a mentally disturbed woman as she drove across Maryland, keeping her out of harm's way and possibly saving her life.

"When it comes to sensitive family matters, GPS tracking can assist in many ways," says Brad Borst of RM Tracking. "In this instance, having the device installed in the car meant that one man still has his wife and a son has not lost his mother."

RM Tracking's customer had installed the RMT Rover device on his mother's vehicle, being worried about her, as she had been suicidal for some time. When she went missing, he phoned Cory Cowger, a Level I Tech Support supervisor, to help track down her vehicle.

Cowger began tracking the woman's vehicle from NavIQ, the web-based GPS tracking software, giving live position updates to the family and the Maryland State Police. "For about an hour, we watched her travel across Maryland," says Cowger. The GPS system led the Maryland State Police to her and got her pulled over before she could harm herself. The woman's husband "started crying and couldn't thank me enough for how our tracking system and my diligence saved his wife's life," says Cowger.

"I credit Rocky Mountain Tracking's GPS system and excellent customer service to saving my wife's life," said a grateful husband. "This has been one emotional year, and I feel confident that if I did not have this GPS system, my wife would not be alive today."

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Tracking provides a number of GPS tracking systems to be used for vehicle, package, personal and other tracking purposes. Featuring advanced devices and powerful NavIQ tracking software, the RMTracking product line reduces accidents caused by careless teen drivers, locates and tracks shipments, and much more. The tracking software shows the real-time mobility of objects and people, and many even track the speed at which the device is traveling. Whether used to ensure road safety, to keep a record of a package's location, to discourage auto theft, fleet tracking or any other purpose, RMTracking's selection of GPS tracking devices is ideal.

RMTracking Adds the PT200 Package Tracker to Its Product Selection

The world's smallest fully-integrated package-tracking device with CDMA GPS One technology by Qualcomm hits the shelves of RM Tracking, providing even more reason why many customers make the company their GPS tracking device provider.

Fort Collins, CO February 14, 2008-The PT200 is the world's only fully-integrated (and the world's smallest) package tracking system to use revolutionary Qualcomm CDMA GPS One technology, and RMTracking now offers this device, bundled with RMTracking's NavIQ Web-based software to its customers. RMTracking has now integrated the PT200's technology into its NavIQ software to be bundled and sold to RM Tracking customers, providing yet another tracking option for consumers. RMTracking is very selective with their software, choosing only 2% of manufacturers' products to bundle with their in-demand software, and this product increases the tracking options of RMTracking customers by providing the versatility and advanced features of the PT200. Some of these advanced features include real-time tracking, a long battery life of 10 to 21 days being continuously on, optimized assisted GPS location capability both inside and outside buildings, the absence of an external GPS antenna, and more. The PT200 is the smallest fully integrated tracking device and is only about the size of a pack of gum, so it can be used for a variety of purposes.

RMTracking is pleased to offer this device to its customers, completing an already large selection of GPS tracking products. The company provides a variety of GPS tracking devices for many tracking applications, and the PT200 is one of the most advanced tracking systems to date. The PT200 is powerful enough to operate in a variety of environments, such as indoors, inside closed packages, and more, without requiring an external antenna. It is the smallest fully integrated GPS tracking system offered, and with the NavIQ software it is both powerful and unobtrusive for personal tracking of children and the elderly, and other uses. NavIQ software allows for multiple PT-200 devices to be fully managed from one account, while displaying maps and reports of location, and alerts for geofence boundaries, speed, and other alerts.

About RMTracking:
Rocky Mountain Tracking provides a number of GPS tracking systems to be used for vehicle, package, personal, and other tracking purposes. Featuring advanced devices and powerful tracking software, the RMTracking product line reduces accidents caused by careless teen drivers, locates and tracks shipments, and much more. The tracking software shows the real-time mobility of objects and people, and many even track the speed at which the device is traveling. Whether used to ensure road safety, to keep a record of a package's location, to discourage auto theft, or any other purpose, RMTracking's selection of GPS tracking devices is ideal.

RMTracking GPS Device May Provide Evidence Contrary to Police Radar Gun in Teen Speeding Case

Press Release Summary: The device was used to track the teenager’s speed, and will be used to fight a ticket that cited the teen traveling at almost 20 mph over the speed limit.

Press Release Body: Fort Collin, CO October 31, 2007—17 year old Shaun Malone was recently given a speeding ticket by a police officer whose radar gun determined his speed to be 62 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. Usually, tickets like these are simply paid by the motorist, but this case (Citation and Court case # PET416346; Superior Court of California County of Sonoma Traffic Division) is different: the teenager had an RMT Rover tracking device from Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. installed in his car by his step-father and retired sheriff’s lieutenant, Roger Rude. The data gathered by the global positioning device shows that the vehicle was traveling at a drastically different speed than that reported by the police officer. Rude contends that Shaun was driving at the posted speed limit of 45 MPH as recorded by the GPS and some sort of error occurred with the radar enforcement process. The police officer may have pulled his step-son over in lieu of another nearby vehicle that was traveling at the clocked speed of 62 miles per hour. Rude believes that whatever went wrong with the radar process is not as important as the fact revealed by the GPS RMT Rover tracking device that Shaun was travelling at 45 MPH, not the 62 MPH the police officer noted on the citation. This should be sufficient evidence to establish “reasonable doubt” in this case.

The tracking device includes software that determines both the location and the speed of the vehicle, and in this particular case shows that the teen was traveling at the speed limit within 100 feet from the location where he was cited for speeding. The GPS tracking device installed by Rude was intended to monitor the speed of the teenager and decrease his risk of being in an accident caused by unsafe driving habits; however, neither Rude nor his step-son ever expected that it could provide pivotal evidence in his favor, proving that he was, in fact, driving at a safe speed.

Rude and his step-son plan to use the software’s speed log to argue that the police officer’s radar gun inaccurately read the speed of Shaun’s car, or more likely that the officer had tracked the speed of a different vehicle. Their case will hinge on the fact that the GPS data has no room for human error, whereas radar guns operated by police officers do. The fact is that even police officers with the best intentions can sometimes rely upon inaccurate data when writing tickets. Thanks to RM Tracking, motorists can now have the hard, statistical evidence they need to ensure that the outcome of the case is determined by indisputable facts rather than becoming a case of their word versus the radar gun’s reading. The judge will make a ruling in this case sometime in November.

About RM Tracking’s teen tracking device:
The teen tracking device is a GPS device that tracks the location and speed of the vehicle it is placed on, promoting safer, more responsible driving habits. Teenagers particularly have a high incidence of traffic accidents. By ensuring that teenagers are obeying driving laws and using their vehicles responsibly, the GPS device decreases the risk of having an accident. For more information or to purchase a tracking device, visit

Web Site:

New System for GPS Tracking Introduced: Do You Know Where Your Vehicles Are?

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Aug. 16 -- RMT Rover, a new GPS tracking system from Rocky Mountain Tracking (RMT), allows vehicle owners to access information about the position and status of their vehicles in real time.

"Logistics is a finely calculated trade today, and shippers need to constantly be aware of where their cargo and vehicles are," says Brad Borst, President of RMT. "Our new solution provides a host of GPS tracking services, all in real time and all accessible online."

The GPS tracking software can be accessed from virtually any computer with an Internet connection, and it has been designed to facilitate in multi-tasking applications. The features of the software include geofencing, optimal routing, close and rapid vehicle tracking, and customization.

"Our team has special expertise in moving information wirelessly -- across town or around the world -- using WiFi, cellular and satellite packet data services over 802.11x, GSM, CDMA, GeoSync Satellite and Low Earth Orbit Satellite services," says Borst. "Our mapping is based on GIS systems, such as ESRI ArcGIS MapInfo/MapX and to consumer oriented mapping products such as Microsoft MapPoint to develop web-based and desktop applications."

The vehicle tracking hardware itself provides accuracy of between 3 to 16 feet, and it weighs only 4.5 ounces. Yet this device can transmit a host of data, including not only position but also excessive speeds, excessive idle times, lockdown violations, possible thefts and fleet activity.

"RMT Rover is the ideal tool for vehicle owners and shippers, allowing them to stay on top of their property at all points of time," says Borst. "The constant information flow will afford them a peace of mind that would not be possible otherwise."

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.
Founded in 2003, Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) is the leading GPS tracking provider in the United States. RMT is very selective in the products that it markets, and it conducts extensive product research to ensure that all vehicle tracking products meet several certification standards. RMT's mission is to provide customers with the best and most affordable solution for their application using the latest vehicle tracking technology. For more information, please visit .

GPS Tracking is Saving Businesses Money

Fort Collins, CO - May 18, 2006
Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) announced today that businesses are saving thousands of dollars per month with GPS vehicle tracking devices.

"Businesses have reported a reduction in fuel usage as the biggest advantage of GPS tracking," said Brad Borst, Founder and President of RMT. Monitoring and reducing speeds, routes, and idle time are just a few things that fleet owners can do to lower the fuel bill. Each mile per hour above 50 MPH increases fuel consumption by 1 ½ percent. Higher speeds also cause more tire heat, which puts more wear on tires. Wear on tires will almost double at road speeds of 70 MPH or greater. RMT's GPS tracking systems report all vehicle activity and immediately alerts fleet managers by cell phone and email of speeding and unauthorized use of company vehicles.

Business owners are most concerned with fuel & maintenance, employee overtime, and employee productivity. RMT provides a real time GPS vehicle tracking solution that is significantly reducing excess costs for businesses:

1. Fuel & Maintenance - The average operating cost per vehicle is about $1.50 per mile. A company can reduce at least 25 miles per week for each vehicle with a GPS tracking device.
2. Employee Overtime - The employee overtime rate is estimated at about $30 per hour. On average, a company can reduce at least 1 hour of overtime per week with a GPS fleet tracking system.
3. Employee Productivity - On average, each vehicle could complete at lease 1 extra stop, job, or delivery per week with a live GPS tracking unit.

For an average size fleet of 10 vehicles, this means an estimated monthly savings of over $6000 with RMT's GPS tracking solution.

RMT is now testing a new Mileage (odometer) tracking feature for the Discovery LITE GPS fleet tracking system. The mileage tracking will allow fleet managers to observe vehicle performance and maintenance from the convenience of their computer. RMT expects to offer the mileage tracking to its thousands of customers by the end of the month.

Further information can be found at

About RMT
Founded in 2003, Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) is the leading GPS tracking provider in the United States. RMT is very selective in the products that it markets. RMT conducts extensive product research to ensure that all products meet several certification standards. RMT's mission is to provide customers with the best and most affordable solution for their application using the latest technology. RMT is committed to providing long-term support and service to its customers. RMT has a team of experienced professionals that strive for excellence in product and service. RMT headquarters are located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

RM Tracking Was Recently Named's Preferred Vendor recognized RM Tracking and the GPS tracking solution the company provides as a major component in keeping teen drivers safe on the road.

Fort Collins, CO April 2, 2008 -- has announced RM Tracking, a provider of GPS tracking systems, as a Preferred Vendor, and in return RM Tracking is offering customers a generous discount on their teen tracking devices. RM Tracking is the recipient of this honor because of the positive impact the provider's products can have on teen driver safety, and this partnering through the Teen Safety Program is expected to save many young drivers' lives. Due to the increased accountability a tracking system places on teens, young drivers are less likely to drive recklessly, speed excessively, and engage in other risky behaviors on the road, which greatly decreases the risk of being in an accident. In fact, many states offer lower insurance rates to teen drivers who have a GPS vehicle tracking system installed because of the reduced risk of accidents that can cause costly damage and serious injuries.

The leading cause of death among teens is auto accidents, claiming approximately 6,000 young lives a year. This is attributed to teen drivers' inexperience and immaturity, leading to risk-taking and dangerous behavior, including speeding. Passengers in the car provide distractions from the road as well, and young drivers' inexperience in dealing with these situations as well as peer pressure to take risks often cause accidents. However, teens tend to make better decisions when under the supervision of a parent or, when that's not possible, while being monitored by a GPS teen tracking device that displays their driving habits to their parents.

Teen Driver Insurance is a web portal where parents can find a local insurance agent that is specifically trained and dedicated to helping parents make their teens safer drivers and protecting their assets. One way in which they protect these families is by encouraging them to take a number of precautions that can limit risk, one of which is installing a GPS tracking device from RM Tracking. Clients who implement safety devices such as a tracking device to monitor their teens' driving habits can receive substantial discounts on auto insurance, which can be elevated greatly when there's a teen driver in the home. RM Tracking's high quality RMT Rover Teen Tracker operates flawlessly with RM Tracking's state-of-the-art NavIQ software that tracks the device's location in real-time and monitors speed, seat belt usage, and much more. It is because of RM Tracking's Teen Safety Program and their first-rate software that chose the company as a Preferred Vendor. clients can now visit to receive substantial discounts on a Rover or other GPS tracking system.

About RM Tracking:
RM Tracking provides a variety of GPS devices for teen tracking, personal tracking, car tracking, fleet tracking, and more. Ranging in size and with a variety of different functions, RM Tracking's devices can be used in any situation. From tracking teens' driving habits to monitoring the whereabouts of a shipment, all information is in real time and shows both the location as well as the speed of the device. The GPS devices have a strong enough signal that they work both indoors and outdoors, and some models are small enough to easily slip inside your pocket. For more information about these products or teen driver safety, visit

About is a website that provides parents with all the tools and information they need to help them get through this trying time as a parent. The website is chocked full of valuable safety and protection tools including a Parent/Teen Driving Contract, FREE 12 Step Safe Teen Driving Course and much more. Parents can find a local agent that is trained and certified to be a Family Insurance Specialist. Teen Driver Insurance agents are committed to educate parents on how they can make their teens safer drivers and protect their families' assets should a lawsuit arise from an accident caused by their teen driver. endorses RM Tracking's Teen Safety Program. To find a Family and Teen Driver Protection Specialist in your area, go to

RMTracking Releases the PT200 for Pet Tracking

Fort Collins, CO April 16, 2008 -- Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc (RMTracking) has developed a new solution for pet tracking. The company has now released the PT-200 with a new canvas case specifically designed to be attached to an animal collar. The PT-200 uses the company's NavIQ web-based software to provide real-time GPS pet tracking. The PT-200 is one of the smallest portable tracking devices.

Statistics show there are approximately 273 million pets in this country, with 10 million of them ending up lost or in shelters each year. When an animal goes missing, it can be very difficult to find. Animals are often disoriented and frightened and can't find their way home. The PT-200 uses RMTracking's high-powered, full-featured NavIQ software to reliably report your pet's whereabouts at all times, so there's no need to worry if your dog or cat gets out of your backyard. NavIQ reports a pet's location in real time, proving far more effective at recovering lost animals than putting up posters or canvassing the area to bring a beloved pet home again. Multiple PT-200 GPS tracking devices can be managed from one tracking account.

The PT-200 GPS tracker utilizes CDMA technology to provide reliable tracking in all environments, whether indoor, outdoor, in kennels, or in remote areas without requiring the use of an obtrusive antenna. It simply slips inside the custom canvas pouch and attaches to your dog's collar. The PT-200 weighs only 4.6 ounces and its compact size is only 3.31 x 1.75 x 1.0. It is small enough that a pet may not even notice it is there, tracking his/her every move. The PT-200's rechargeable battery will last up to 21 days without being recharged. The accuracy of the device is within about 3 to 16 feet.

Rocky Mountain Tracking is proud to offer the pet tracking application to its product line. Brad Borst, President of Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc said, "Our goal with the PT-200 is to provide pet owners with peace of mind to ensure the safety of all animals. Microchips are being implanted in animals, but the microchips are only used to identify the animal. Microchips are not GPS locating devices, said Borst." The PT-200 is most common for dog tracking, but it can be used to track small and large animals of all sizes.

About RMTracking:
Rocky Mountain Tracking is a GPS tracking software developer and provider of world class GPS tracking solutions for all tracking applications. Each device is powerful and uses highly advanced tracking software to provide accurate and easy-to-read tracking data. The company's products can be used to increase safety on the road, monitor shipments, track pets for their safety, recover stolen vehicles, supervise a person's movements, and much more. For more information about RMTracking's pet tracking device and software, visit

State Rules GPS Tracking O.K. Without Warrant

Albany -- A state appeals court says police don't need a warrant before placing GPS tracking devices on the vehicles of potential suspects.

In a 4-1 ruling, the Appellate Division of state Supreme Court declared it constitutional to place the devices on vehicles as long as they're in public view.

The court upheld the conviction of Scott Weaver of Watervliet, who was found guilty of a 2005 burglary and grand larceny.

Weaver argued that police violated his constitutional rights by placing a battery-operated GPS device on his vehicle's bumper without his knowledge. He argued the evidence from the device shouldn't have been admissible in his trial.

The court said it would have been inadmissible only if the device was inside the vehicle or hidden somewhere on the car.

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GPS Tracking Helps Beat Back Steep Fuel Costs

Fort Collins, CO June 24, 2008 -- In an era of skyrocketing oil prices, a company's wisest investment for its fleet is a GPS tracking device, which can save thousands in fuel costs.

"When oil is hitting $140 a barrel and people are predicting prices as high as $200, it can be comforting to know that your vehicles are saving every drop of fuel possible," says Brad Borst of Rocky Mountain Tracking (RMT). "With RMT's numerous GPS tracking features, you can look forward to thousands of dollars in fuel savings every month."

The features of RMT's NavIQ GPS tracker software can, among other abilities, monitor vehicle speed. Every mile per hour increase above the optimum vehicle speed of 50 mph, results in increased fuel consumption by 1.5 percent. Users can also monitor idle time; half an hour of idle time dissipates an entire gallon of precious gasoline.

Most importantly, companies can track routing, ensuring that their vehicles are taking the shortest route between two points. NavIQ, RMT's flagship product, allows users to enter a destination address, find the closest vehicle to that address, and view a detailed map and text routes, with an option to search by fastest route and shortest route.

In addition, companies with employee take-home vehicles can cut down on unauthorized use, with NavIQ-generated graphs and reports of the dates, times and locations of all vehicle use.

"For an average fleet of 10 vehicles, companies are saving as much as $8,000 per month with GPS tracking devices," says Borst. "In an economy like todays, every dollar counts, and fuel savings can give your company a genuine edge over the competition."

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Tracking was founded in 2003, and our headquarters are based in Fort Collins, Colorado. RMT employs experts who have more than 20 years of experience to develop, maintain, and continuously upgrade our state-of-the art tracking solution. RMT is one of the leading GPS tracking device providers in the United States. Rocky Mountain Tracking's team of experts developed NavIQ, a robust, yet economical fleet tracking software. This software is the foundation for our first-rate GPS vehicle tracking system selection. For more information, please visit

GPS Tracking Helped Recover a $16,000 BMW

Fort Collins, CO July 15, 2008 -- If it hadn't been for the wonder of GPS technology, Stephen Stough would have had to hunt much more feverishly for a stolen BMW.

"Without the GPS tracking device, it would have been impossible to find the vehicle given the proximity to where it was taken from," says Stough, giving credit to RM Tracking's GPS device rather than his own investigation skills.

Stough International, a private investigative firm, was called in to recover the $16,000 BMW 740 I Sporty Sedan, which was bought fraudulently using another person's bank account information. The buyer defaulted on the payments and drove the BMW 600 miles away to Atlanta.

Payment defaults being a civil offense, Stough, as a private investigator, was asked to recover the BMW. This proved to be a cinch, with RM Tracking's powerful GPS capabilities.

Traveling to Atlanta to track down the car, Stough called upon the assistance of Cory Cowger, a technical support supervisor at RM Tracking. Cowger gave Stough live positions of the vehicle from the web-based tracking software, such as, location of the vehicle, direction of travel, and speeds. As soon as the vehicle came to a stop, Stough was able to recover the car without incident and return it to its owner.

"There were about 1.5 million auto repossessions last year, up by at least 10 per cent from 2006. But repossession is not always easy when vehicle owners move or leave the state," says Brad Borst of RM Tracking. "Unlike the 20-year-old technology that is still on the market, RM Tracking's GPS tracking solution offers advanced technology with live web-based tracking - every auto recovery agent's true friend."

A Savvy GPS Device Faces Off Against Police Radar

Fort Collins, CO July 17, 2008 -- Eighteen-year-old Shaun Malone has a few people to thank for being able to plead "Not Guilty" to a speeding offence - his parents, who installed a GPS device in his car, and Rocky Mountain Tracking, the service provider of that device.

"Because of our GPS tracking data, Malone and his parents can protest the imposition of an unfair speeding ticket," says Brad Borst, Founder and President of Rocky Mountain Tracking, and who is also a former Police Officer.

A police radar had found Malone driving at 62 mph in a 45-mph zone. However, Malone's parents, who had installed the Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS device in his car to monitor his driving, found that the device tracked him driving at, and not above, the speed limit.

The most telling testament to the accuracy of the Rocky Mountain Tracking Rover GPS tracking device came, ironically, from a GPS expert who originally helped find Malone guilty in a trial-by-affidavit. Dr. Stephen Heppe, the expert, had written a report affirming that, going by the GPS data, Malone had to have been traveling faster than 45 mph.

The GPS device sends out a signal every 30 seconds, as well as an email alert whenever the driver exceeds the speed of 70 mph.

However, when he took the stand to begin his testimony, Dr. Heppe corrected that written report, saying that the Rocky Mountain Tracking device was "very" accurate, to within a couple of meters on location and to within 1 mph on speed. Dr. Heppe also pointed out that the GPS device released instantaneous data, and not data averaged over a distance.

"This case has caught the attention of the nation, and it will set a precedent on how police departments use speed traps in the face of an increased GPS presence," says Borst. "The accuracy and reliability of GPS has helped bring this important issue into the limelight."


In an era of spiraling fuel prices and pinched wallets, a GPS vehicle tracking device can help companies and fleet-owners squeeze every drop of value from their liquid gold.

Fort Collins, CO August 12, 2008 -- In an era of spiraling fuel prices and pinched wallets, a GPS vehicle tracking device can help companies and fleet-owners squeeze every drop of value from their liquid gold.

"A number of fuel-saving measures involve using a vehicle efficiently and wisely," says Brad Borst of Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. "With a GPS tracking device, companies can ensure and enforce efficiency and wisdom of use with their vehicles."

Borst suggests five ways to reduce fuel consumption. The first is to drive slower. Studies have shown that fuel economy drops by 17.1 percent as speeds increase from 50 mph to 70 mph. Every 5 mph of additional speed over 60 mph costs drivers "an additional 30 cents per gallon in fuel costs," says Sen. John Warner of Virginia.

Vehicles should also idle less, since 15 minutes of idle time uses half a gallon of gasoline, and even 30 seconds of idle time uses more fuel than turning off and then turning on the engine. Additionally, a vehicle with clean air filters and fully inflated tires uses up less fuel.

Companies also benefit by planning direct routes and by avoiding road construction issues that cause delays. Finally, shopping around for the lowest gas prices can save by as much as 60 cents per gallon. Web sites, such as, Mapquest provide a convenient way to map out the lowest gas prices.

"Companies using GPS tracking devices can tackle every one of these issues - knowing when and how fast vehicles are speeding, how long they're idling, which vehicle was fueled where, and what route they should take to save time and fuel," says Borst. "This simple investment can pay significant dividends and improve bottom lines."

Fort Collins, CO September 17, 2008 -- A unique use of Rocky Mountain Tracking's Rover GPS device helped Gene combat his girlfriend's drug addiction.

"Gene is a perfect example of people who can put our GPS devices to innovative uses even in their private lives, to solve a particular problem," says Brad Borst of Rocky Mountain Tracking. "Rocky Mountain Tracking's numerous GPS tracking features enable precisely this kind of flexibility and innovation."

Gene bought the Rocky Mountain Tracking device (available online at over the phone from Jeff Tomlinson, a sales manager. Once installed in her car, the live Rover device allowed Gene to see, on his computer, every detail of his girlfriend's travel: location, direction, speed, and tracking history. It also created a geo fence, which showed when she went outside a specified area.

Thus, when she left home to buy drugs, Gene would be able to follow her and show up at the location. "I would show up and nobody knew how," he says. "You can't imagine all the things she said to me when I told her - but of course, that was the addiction talking, not the person."

After a while, Gene adds, the people selling the drugs wouldn't even have anything to do with his girlfriend because they knew he would be following right behind her.

"The bottom line was that I needed something to help me, and the Rover device did for me exactly what I needed," says Gene. "The tracking device helped me help her, so that she could finally do what she had to, to save her own life."

Fort Collins, CO - October 7, 2008: From testimonies at the speeding trial of 18-year-old Shaun Malone in Sonoma County, Calif., it emerged that Rocky Mountain Tracking's GPS device may have helped uncover an illegal speed trap.

Malone had been charged with driving at 62 mph in a 45-mph zone, but Roger Rude, who had installed the Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS in his car to monitor his driving, found he had been driving at, and not above, the speed limit. The device reports speed, location, date and time at set intervals. A history report from the device has left a trail of evidence to back Malone.

Rude, a retired sheriff's lieutenant of 32 years, bought the RMT Rover GPS vehicle tracking device to encourage his step-son to drive safely. The device which Malone once thought to be his enemy has now come to his defense.

The officer testified on the stand that he believed the GPS was accurate. He also admitted that the radar reading indicated on his radar gun could have been caused by something else other than Shaun's car.

The GPS had already been validated for accuracy from an expert. Dr. Stephen Heppe said on the stand that the Rocky Mountain Tracking's device was "very accurate," and that it released instantaneous, as opposed to averaged, data.

Averaged data seems to be more the problem with the stretch of highway that Malone's attorney called an illegal speed trap. Andy Martinez said that the state's study of driving speeds illogically averaged the speeds on two different sections to come up with the speed limit. Setting the speed limit below the average speed of most motorists on a specific stretch amounts to an illegal speed trap. This could invalidate hundreds of speeding tickets issued in the same area, including Malone's.

The court has not yet made a final ruling, and may not make one until December.

Reston, VA and Fort Collins, CO - Oct 7, 2008 - KORE Telematics, the world's largest digital wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced that Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. has selected the KORE network to power its full suite of vehicle and asset tracking solutions. In teaming with KORE, Rocky Mountain Tracking enhances its customers' service options by providing the cost-effective, flexible wireless network connectivity capabilities required to meet their personal and business tracking application needs.

KORE provides Rocky Mountain Tracking with the industry's most reliable, flexible and cost-effective wireless connectivity for applications that impact businesses on the bottom line and the top line. Vehicle tracking applications from Rocky Mountain Tracking enable customers to reduce fuel savings, more efficiently route vehicles, assist in emergency situations or breakdowns and enhance theft prevention, among other capabilities.

With KORE, Rocky Mountain Tracking can now enhance its leading GPS-based tracking solutions with the wireless connectivity required to offer additional services, such as vehicle speed, direction and fuel capacity, among others. Whether tracking a family member or a number of vehicles, Rocky Mountain Tracking relies on KORE to provide a wide array of network management capabilities through the KORE PRISM™ management platform, ensuring that its customers have consistent and reliable access to services powered by North America's leading GSM and CDMA wireless networks.

"During the past five years, we have worked with a number of wireless network providers and none of them have been able to match the reliability and performance of the KORE network," said Brad Borst, founder and president of Rocky Mountain Tracking. "On the KORE network, we are able to differentiate our application offerings, providing customers with tracking systems that can automatically transmit time-sensitive data, such as vehicle speed, location and direction, in real-time. With KORE's unique pricing model and comprehensive PRISM management portal, we can cost effectively offer our customers these added services, helping improve overall service levels and drive additional revenues."

"KORE delivers the specialized communications and management services necessary to make M2M applications tick, driving down business costs and improving efficiency through process automation," said Alex Bisbourne, president and COO, KORE Telematics. "We are extremely pleased to see Rocky Mountain Tracking utilizing the KORE network to provide reliable wireless connectivity to their customers. This is another example of the value-added, revenue-generating services made possible by the KORE network for companies in the M2M asset tracking applications industry."

As a pioneer in the M2M industry, KORE is focused on helping its partners reduce real business costs and drive profitable growth in today's competitive business environment. KORE partners deliver innovative, valuable solutions for automated 'smart homes,' realtime asset and people location, commercial and residential security, overt and covert tracking systems, broad-scale automated power metering and utility 'SmartGrid' control, long-haul and regional fleet management, modern vehicle telematics and tracking, and much more, to both industry and government.

KORE is the only M2M provider with direct, reliable connectivity to the extensive CDMA and GSM networks of Tier 1 carriers. Its extensive network service offerings span the globe, serving the entirety of North America and internationally. Delivering services through the company's pioneering PRISM Gateway, KORE application and solution partners have real-time control and management of activation, usage and alarms for their widely deployed M2M solutions.

Fort Collins, CO – October 9, 2008: In a span of just five years, Rocky Mountain Tracking has grown to dominate the GPS vehicle tracking field, with its sleek NavIQ software and a range of tracking applications.

“We attribute our success to our core values, dedicated employees, the commitment we have to our customers to provide them with ONLY the best product and service,” says Brad Borst, Founder and President of Rocky Mountain Tracking. “With us, you don’t just get what you pay for – you get more because we sacrifice profit margins for quality, which is why our customers keep coming back and allow us to serve them.”

The company started with nothing five years ago on October 1, 2003, and has grown to a customer base of more than 10,000, including local, state and federal government agencies; large and small businesses of all types and individuals. Our tracking solution has been given credit for saving millions of dollars with management of vehicles, employees, and other valuable assets.

Each year, Rocky Mountain Tracking has exceeded its previous revenue statement and continues to grow at a steady rate. Its proprietary, state-of-the-art GPS tracking software, called NavIQ, integrates only the top 2 per cent of GPS devices from all over the world. Rocky Mountain Tracking offers around 10 different tracking devices, bundled with software and services to fit a number of different applications.

“At Rocky Mountain Tracking, we have been praised for exceeding the expectations of our customers,” says Tara Borst, Co-Founder of the company. “But this is only the start of what we believe will become the most innovative solution in the industry.”

Fort Collins, CO and Covington, LA - October 30, 2008 -- Rocky Mountain Tracking's flagship NavIQ software has now been integrated with the RMT WatchDog, a satellite GPS tracking system manufactured by Axonn, LLC.

"We are very excited about the release of the RMT WatchDog on NavIQ, which is raising the bar for web-based vehicle and asset tracking systems across the world.," says Brad Borst, President of Rocky Mountain Tracking. "With the RMT WatchDog, a satellite tracking system, our users can track from any computer with an Internet connection. Supported in over 56 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, NavIQ is now a truly global tracking solution."

The RMT WatchDog combines GPS and RF technologies with the capabilities of the Globalstar Simplex satellite, providing seamless coverage that is unavailable with GSM and CDMA devices. An innovatively designed battery - which lasts seven years - delivers a long-service, "place-and-play" solution.

"We see Rocky Mountain Tracking as an ideal partner for Axonn," says Chad Holsinger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Axonn. "We have a real synergy with their services and our asset management hardware; together we create a best of class asset management system."

By placing the RMT WatchDog on any trailer, container, tool or other equipment, owners can track their assets across the world in real time from the comfort of their own office. It is a purely one-way form of communication, replacing more costly and power-hungry two-way devices where needed. It excludes the need for installation with a wiring harness, antenna, or external power, making installation easy and efficient.

The addition of the RMT WatchDog satellite GPS tracking device makes NavIQ even more powerful, providing its users with a range of full-color, interactive maps and dynamic reports and graphs, to better understand the movement of an asset. The NavIQ web client monitors and records live updates and alerts from the field, and RMT WatchDog's vast geographic satellite reach comes as a strong advantage.

This comes as a boon for equipment and trailer owners, who face serious risk of loss when equipment and trailers are in use at a job site. In 2005, a survey showed that around 72 per cent of equipment owners faced some sort of theft - a startlingly high statistic. Just as dishearteningly, less than 15 per cent of stolen equipment is ever recovered, and theft has increased by 20 per cent since 1996. Recently, another survey pegged the cost of heavy equipment losses at $1 billion every year.

"All these assets can be protected and tracked down with the RMT WatchDog for as little as $0.25 per day," says Borst. "It's a classic case of making sure you don't step over a dollar to save a dime." For more information, visit

For the Fourth Time, Rocky Mountain Tracking Saves a Woman's Life

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) December 10, 2008 -- With the help of a Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS tracking system, Jerry Burns has saved the life of his wife Laura, who has been beset with mental health issues for years now, four times since last September.

"All behavioral health facilities should know about the advantages of Rocky Mountain Tracking's products and services," says Burns. "We could save so many lives with their services and products."

When Burns came home from work, he discovered that Laura and her car were missing. Calling Laura's cell phone proved to be a dead end, because it was turned off. The car, though, was equipped with a Rocky Mountain Tracking Rover GPS tracking system, which allowed Burns to go online and track the location of the vehicle.

Since he was not near a computer, Burns contacted Rocky Mountain Tracking to help assist him in locating his wife's car. Within seconds, Rocky Mountain Tracking's support team located the car through NavIQ, its online GPS tracking system software.

Burns then contacted the police and told them he believed his wife was trying to commit suicide, directing them to the car at the city park. The police responded immediately and found Laura's car; she had parked her vehicle and was about to swallow eight bottles of pills in an attempt to take her own life when police found her.

"It was our information that helped Burns get a police dispatch which protected the lady from endangering herself," says Josh Chittenden, the Rocky Mountain Tracking technical support executive who took Burns' call. "He was very thankful for our services and said we had been there to help them more than once in this situation. He said that we saved a life today."

Rocky Mountain Tracking Releases NavIQ Mobile for Cell Phone Tracking

NavIQ Mobile Enables Web-Based GPS Tracking of a Blackberry or Windows Mobile Device

Fort Collins, Colorado - January 29, 2009 - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) is releasing its newest tracking application for GPS-enabled cell phones. "Anyone with a Blackberry or Windows Mobile device can track their cell phone from any computer through web-based tracking software," says Brad Borst, President of the company. The technology used for this purpose is a full-featured, tracking software called NavIQ Mobile. Global in range, NavIQ Mobile allows the user to have access to a wide range of features. The tracking software is available in over 56 countries in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

With the introduction of the NavIQ Mobile technology, the safety and security benefits to the individual user are significant. Cell phones are now GPS-enabled so that emergency call centers are more accurately able to detect a person's position in the same way that they can trace calls made from land lines.

In 2003, the Federal Communications Commission passed a directive which required all cell phones manufactured after 2005 to be GPS capable. Enhanced 911 or E911 mandates that all new cell phones support location identification technology. When you dial 911 from your cell phone, for example, the public safety answering point or PSAP, can pinpoint your exact location within a few meters.

The launch of NavIQ Mobile now offers a more advanced technology which provides more information, such as, address, speed, heading, longitude, latitude, date, time, and a history of everywhere it has been. RMT's state of the art NavIQ Mobile software application provides live tracking, fast maps, custom map data, and full color graphics. NavIQ Mobile also boasts such comprehensive tools as animated pans, 3D perspective zooms, and fly-over routing. Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is undoubtedly the leader in GPS tracking applications, offering all of these features in a way that is truly unsurpassed in the tracking industry.

Obviously, the ramifications for both business and personal use are enormous given the wide ranging scope of this newest level of technology. GPS-enabled cell phones allow business owners to not only keep a watchful eye over their employees, but also to track their entire fleet of vehicles used by their mobile workforce. The personal safety advantages of cell phone tracking are just as impressive. Cell phones have become an essential part of the everyday routine and they are a vital tool that could actually save your life. Parents will also find this technology as an added bonus when it comes to keeping tabs on their teens in a non obtrusive, yet convenient way.

A primary advantage with the roll-out of NavIQ Mobile is the elimination of purchasing additional tracking hardware. Even if you do not currently have one of RMT's other GPS tracking devices, NavIQ Mobile offers tracking of your existing cell phone as an attractive and affordable option.

Installation of NavIQ Mobile to a cell phone takes only a few minutes. For more information or to install NavIQ Mobile to your cell phone, visit: or call their offices toll free at (888) 242-0500. Thanks to Rocky Mountain Tracking's innovative and unique approach to GPS cell phone tracking, implementing this newest security feature in your cell phone is convenient and easy to apply.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Selects Microsoft Virtual Earth

Fort Collins, Colorado - March 19, 2009 - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc., the world's leading GPS tracking and application service provider specializing in web-based GPS tracking software today announced they have selected Microsoft Virtual Earth to power mapping for their state-of-the-art tracking software.

Rocky Mountain Tracking's NavIQ tracking software is utilized for nearly all business and personal GPS tracking applications. With the addition of the Microsoft Virtual Earth platform for NavIQ, Rocky Mountain Tracking is raising the bar in terms of overall reliability, accuracy, and affordability when it comes to GPS enabled mapping software. The NavIQ package now offers the customer access to a cohesive range of advanced mapping components, including satellite imagery; specialized aerial views, Bird's Eye views, and landmark positioning. "The addition of Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping to NavIQ software offers a huge advantage to our clients with respect to overall quality and reliability," said Brad Borst, President of Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Tracking's NavIQ tracking software has service available in over 56 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. NavIQ can now offer broader solution with international mapping, including localized maps in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. Richer data has been expanded to include more than 70% of all US rooftops, with 85 million unique addresses, while still providing the customer the ability to zoom in to enhanced push pin clustering, and landmark based routing. The Bird's Eye views and Hybrid Bird's Eye imagery, which are exclusive to the Microsoft Virtual Earth, provide unique views of real-world locations.

The benefits for businesses utilize the cost-effective NavIQ tracking software are enormous. Those who already have access to the NavIQ software have now received an instant upgraded to the Virtual Earth mapping format, increasing overall efficiency optimization, while augmenting real time results with locally relevant information. The NavIQ software provides user-friendly tools for routing, audible and visual alerts, instant zoom with street-level maps, reports and graphs with live and historical tracking data. This information can quickly and efficiently enable the customer direct internet access to process GPS tracking device information, allowing them to build loyalty to their business through the accuracy of their data. Additionally, the extended aerial views, and Bird's Eye technology supplied by the Microsoft Virtual Earth platform, will ensure that tracking information will be up to date and precise, rendering miscommunication and error virtually obsolete.

Businesses that have access to the specialized tools offered with GPS fleet management software, such as NavIQ, will increase productivity by having the ability to add a visual dimension to their GPS mapping and reporting. It will now be quite simple for a company to upgrade the overall productivity of their business by easily representing sales, asset locations, delivery routes and added inventories with NavIQ. The new mapping will enable the user to add more background to each tile layer or map, creating greater accuracy and more efficient routing, and enhance the overall experience of an effective tracking solution. Once again, Rocky Mountain Tracking is breaking ahead of the pack with their innovative approach leading to greater customer satisfaction. For more information, call 1-888-242-0500.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Integrates CalAmp’s Vehicle Tracking Systems

FORT COLLINS, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. announces its newest integration of the CalAmp GPS product line to its popular NavIQ web-based software. This innovative location messaging device, launched as the “Informer,” employs cutting-edge technology, including monitoring intelligence, quick messaging, and over-the-air programmability. “The Informer is poised to become the leader in location messaging due to its smart design features, reliability, and competitive consumer pricing,” said Brad Borst, Founder and President of Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

The Informer offers technology and pricing advantages that will greatly lower the cost of delivering, expanding, and supporting fleet management solutions. One of the most advanced features of the Informer is that it offers an on-board alert engine that monitors vehicle conditions giving you the most flexible tracking device in its class. The unit supports hundreds of customized exception-based rules, such as GPS antenna tampering or automatic changes in reporting intervals, to help meet both simple and complex fleet requirements.

The Informer is capable of storing 10,000 locations outside of its traditional network coverage. It also employs the use of a highly sensitive 50 channel GPS receiver, with WAAS capability. The wide area augmentation system is a tool developed by the FAA for use in air navigation that allows for signal corrections helping the GPS receiver reach a higher rate of accuracy to within 3 meters.

Additional features of the Informer include low power consumption, driver identification using affordable Dallas keys, hundreds of user-defined exception rules, and configurable geo-fences which can store up to 32 virtual areas via the web portal. The Informer also meets shock and vibration U.S. Military and SAE standards. It employs up to eight digital and up to four analog inputs for configurable alert messaging, up to seven digital outputs for remote control of external actuators, and programmable sleep modes.

“The Informer offers highly advanced features and quality assurance, making it superior to other vehicle tracking systems in the industry. We are very excited and pleased to work with CalAmp as we believe their goals align with ours,” said Borst.

The NavIQ package now offers the customer access to a cohesive range of advanced mapping components, including satellite imagery, specialized aerial views, Bird's Eye views, and landmark positioning. NavIQ boasts such comprehensive tracking tools as routing, audible and visual alerts, instant 3D perspective zoom with street-level maps, animated pan, fly-over routing, and reports and graphs with live and historical tracking data. This information can quickly and efficiently enable the customer to process GPS fleet tracking information, allowing them to build loyalty to their business through the accuracy of their data.

Rocky Mountain Tracking’s leading software along with competitive pricing and smart design, make the Informer system clearly the best choice in GPS vehicle tracking systems. For more information about the Informer, call 888-242-0500 or visit:

GPS TracKing, The Latest Device by Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

Fort Collins, Colorado - May 7, 2009 - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) has released to the public what may be the most innovative device yet, the Trac-King (GPS Tracking) device. The Trac-King is a convenient and portable-passive GPS powered by two AA batteries, the Trac-King is able to record up to 80 hours of continuous movement on a single battery cycle.

According to RMT's president Brad Borst, "The Trac-King is one of the most inventive and user-friendly GPS devices on the market today, because of its design and incredible software functionality." The Trac-King is a more advanced version of the Tracking Key and 3100, which are passive devices that RMT has sold about 12,000 of over the past couple years. The Trac-King tracks every second, within a few meters accuracy, and records: times, addresses, direction and speed of travel, and stop duration.

The tracking data is then stored within the device until the user retrieves it by downloading the information via USB port to a computer. There are three viewing options to choose from: a daily log, route display from street maps, or route display on satellite imagery, using Google Earth.

The Trac-King can fit in the palm of a hand, measuring 3.01" long x 1.95"wide x 1.40". The Trac-King is able to accurately operate in dramatic temperature ranges from -15 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the Trac-King possesses faster GPS tracking signal acquisition and an easily accessible battery compartment, all housed within a completely water resistant ABS plastic casing. The device is also magnetized for easy installation either inside or outside the vehicle. A built in motion sensor will automatically set the Trac-King to "sleep mode" after two and a half minutes of inactivity.

The Trac-King follows all communications protocol as required by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). The device is compatible with most operating systems including Windows 2000, XP and Vista. The Trac-King can be purchased online at:

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Tracking was founded in 2003, and is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado. RMT has sold over 30,000 GPS tracking devices and is the leading GPS tracking provider in the United States. RMT's state-of-the art tracking solution, NavIQ, has become increasingly popular for nearly all GPS tracking applications nationwide., an Interactive GPS Tracking Forum by Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

FORT COLLINS, Colo., May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- An innovative online forum has been recently launched to promote the exchange of knowledge in the field of GPS tracking. The website,, is an online discussion site, similar to a message board or bulletin board, which publishes and manages user-generated content.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) has created this online GPS forum in an effort to facilitate communication between leading experts in the industry and the general public who desire to feed from the knowledge of these businesses. The forum invites open discussion of subjects related to, but not limited to: GPS, GIS, M2M, LBS, RFID, Telematics, related news, research and development.

RMT is inviting companies that specialize in GPS and related technology to participate by answering questions and moderating the forum. These companies will not only be recognized for the knowledge they share, but they will also be able to post news about their latest developments. "We want to bring together industry experts with the general public to provide a valuable online resource for questions about the field of GPS tracking," explains Brad Borst, President of RMT. These independent experts will answer questions that are posted by members of the site and will direct topics of conversation with their valuable knowledge.

Methods of information sharing today are being evermore turned toward an online audience. This GPS forum will likely draw together an astonishing number of members, which will generate an envious amount of exposure for the companies who participate as a contributor or moderator.

Users of the GPS forum must register as members to be able to submit content to the website. This requires creating a username and password, following the validation process and agreement to terms and conditions. The user must agree to adhere to the rules and policies of the site before being permitted to become a member. Such rules of forums often pertain to relevancy and appropriateness of content, and are enforced by administrators or moderators. All violation of rules should be addressed solely by these authorities and not by other members. After becoming a member, the user may post content to the site in the form of comments or questions.

The success of the GPS forum is completely a function of consistent use and publicity. As more amateurs and experts provide questions and answers, the forum will grow to reach thousands with new information about GPS and M2M related technology, so join us today in sharing this world of knowledge!

About is an online public discussion forum to promote information sharing of technology related to: GPS, GIS, M2M, LBS, RFID, Telematics, related news, research and development. The site is administered by RMT and moderated by several company experts who have been nominated to provide a fair and valuable resource to the public.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Reports Record High Sales Despite Recession

FORT COLLINS, Colo., May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- While much of the competition in the cutting edge world of GPS tracking is struggling to survive during the current recession, Rocky Mountain Tracking is exceeding all expectations by posting record increases in business for 2009.

Up a staggering 24% from its previous revenue statement, all figures show that Rocky Mountain Tracking is continuing to grow at a substantial rate. "Our ability to survive these trying economic times is due to our practice of caring first and foremost about the quality of product that we deliver to our customers," said Brad Borst, founder and President of Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Borst went on to say that his team knows that their two most crucial jobs are "to deliver a spectacular product, and to provide outstanding service to every customer."

Instead of taking shortcuts in quality to save a few extra dollars, Rocky Mountain Tracking chooses to experience slimmer profit margins in favor of long-lasting relationships with its customers. Rocky Mountain Tracking's repeat business comes from clientele who have come to trust not only the excellence and reliability that the company prides itself on, but appreciate the exceptional customer service which comes with the final product.

From its modest beginnings in 2003, Rocky Mountain Tracking has worked tirelessly to build a loyal customer base which currently boasts more than 15,000 clients, including local, state and federal government agencies, and businesses of all sizes. In the span of nearly six years, Rocky Mountain Tracking has grown to become the dominate force in the GPS vehicle tracking field and has sold over 30,000 tracking devices.

Rocky Mountain Tracking offers a wide variety of tracking devices; many bundled with software and customer support services all specifically designed to fit the customers' individual business needs. Rocky Mountain Tracking's various GPS tracking solutions have been highly regarded for their role in securing millions of dollars worth of freight; encompassing company owned, fleet and personal vehicles alike. Rocky Mountain Tracking's Informer, which utilizes their state-of-the-art "NavIQ" software, has been cited as a key tool in advancing both the profitability and reliability of a company's bottom line - two of the most crucial assets to consider when it comes to maintaining a successful business.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Rolls Out GPS Tracker Device Dealer Program to Electronic Retailers

FORT COLLINS, Colo., May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is pleased to announce the debut of its new dealer program to the GPS retail market. The dealer program is designed to authorize retailers to re-sell Rocky Mountain Tracking's GPS tracker devices under a private label directly from their retail stores. Rocky Mountain Tracking is specifically targeting consumer electronic retailers, car audio stores, installers, rental equipment stores, car dealerships, and various comparable business models.

"Incorporating the dealer program with the retailers' current model will increase consumer interest and create additional consumer markets as GPS tracking devices are now becoming mainstream," says Gary Whitney, Director of Sales at Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

The dealer program will afford retailers the opportunity to significantly increase their revenues. A typical profit margin is as much as 200% in many cases. Joining the dealer program is free of charge to all retailers. The retailer is only responsible for the sale of the GPS tracker hardware. Rocky Mountain Tracking provides the consumer with technical support and service, and account set-up, and any additional services needed after the initial sale of the product by the retailer.

Rocky Mountain Tracking has earned its trusted reputation with over 30,000 devices sold and a hardware reliability rate at more than 99.5%. The company's web-based tracking software has been called "state-of-the art." Rocky Mountain Tracking's near-flawless reliability record, coupled with its reputation for producing outstanding product has generated greater demand in the highly competitive field of GPS tracking. Rocky Mountain Tracking will stand behind the retail private label and amplifying the overall integrity of the product; ultimately resulting in higher sales, and a boost in consumer loyalty.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Awarded by M2M Magazine

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA - July 9, 2009 - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc., the leading provider of GPS tacking systems and software, is pleased to announce its recognition in the fifth annual M2M Magazine Value Chain Awards with the presentation of a Bronze award. The awards gala was held on June 11, 2009, in Chicago.

The Value Chain Awards honor the most successful corporate adopters of machine-to-machine technology, as well as the team of solution providers that made that success possible. The awards highlight the process of combining multiple technologies such as device-connectivity hardware, radio modules, network service and provisioning, as well as application software and infrastructure. Companies are recognized for their outstanding contributions to all of the elements of the M2M value chain. KORE Telematics, the world's largest digital wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, nominated Mr. Handyman of West Weld and East Larimer Counties in the category of Fleet Management to receive the award . Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is acknowledged as a vital part of the value chain for this Bronze winning entry.

"Those involved in M2M are facing a pivotal time in the industry's growth. There are now millions of machines communicating with each other. However, there are still millions that do not," said Peggy Smedley, editorial director, M2M magazine. "It won't be long until other companies see the value and take advantage of the opportunity that can come from implementing this technology. This year's Value Chain Award winners have recognized what M2M can do for them in both a wired and wireless world, and they are now being honored for that insight."

"The recipients of the 2009 Value Chain Awards have truly found a way to implement machine-to-machine technology to its fullest potential, using all parts of the value chain to achieve their goals," said Mike Carrozzo, chief editor, M2M magazine. "We hope that other adopters see the benefits of M2M implementation and strive to find the same success, becoming future Value Chain Award winners."

The winners of the M2M Magazine Value Chain Awards are determined by an independent panel of industry analysts and experts. Entries are judged on the overall strength of product deployment, the level of innovation and the overall business value obtained by the company.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Releases the Smart Tracker, a GPS Tracking Device for Vehicle Recovery

New GPS Theft Prevention Device Operates on Full-Range Voltage & On-Demand Tracking

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwire - July 16, 2009) - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. has once again taken the lead in the fiercely competitive field of GPS tracking technology for asset protection, with its newest tool, the Smart Tracker.

The Smart Tracker device communicates using Short Messaging Service technology, more commonly known as SMS. Using standardized communication protocols, SMS technology facilitates the exchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices. SMS technology has rapidly become the most widely used data application in the world, currently boasting 2.4 billion active users. "We are not just releasing yet another tracking device, but rather, we have invented an entirely new solution for vehicle recovery," says Brad Borst, President of Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Borst goes on to say, "In these tough economic times, it is absolutely essential to have access to a device that allows you to locate a stolen vehicle swiftly and competently, with the minimum amount of hassle for all parties involved." The Smart Tracker is both discreet and cost effective, making it the perfect defense against vehicle forfeiture.

One of the most innovative aspects of the Smart Tracker is that it has an operating voltage of 6-32 VDC or continuous direct current. Vehicles most commonly targeted for theft such as ATVs, snowmobiles, and tractors -- which were previously unable to use GPS devices which ran on more than 6 VDCs -- can now be easily safeguarded. The Smart Tracker utilizes the NavIQ tracking software, which is global in range, and available in over 56 countries in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. NavIQ allows an unlimited number of assets to be tracked from one account simultaneously. This cutting edge software offers an array of detailed reports, maps, graphs and charts.

The Smart Tracker also offers 32 geo-fences or "virtual perimeters" for a specific geographic region or area. Additionally, the Smart Tracker will allow the end user to track "on-demand." This novel approach to tracking allows commercial users, such as car dealers, to now have the option to activate and locate certain devices as needed, in order to locate and/or recover a particular vehicle. For example, a dealer may choose to deactivate the vehicle's starter from the convenience of their computer until further payment is made, at which time the starter can then be engaged, allowing the vehicle to once again be used.

The Smart Tracker successfully combines both affordability and device intelligence, along with the users' specific application requirements. Coupled with superior GPS performance and reliability that Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is noted for, the Smart Tracker is the ideal solution for all your GPS tracking device needs.

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) was founded in 2003, and is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company has sold over 30,000 GPS tracking devices and is the leading GPS tracking provider in the United States. RMT's state-of-the art tracking solution, NavIQ, has become increasingly popular for nearly all GPS tracking applications nationwide.

GPS Tracking Technology Brings the MustangFest to You

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is thrilled to announce its involvement in MustangFest 2009. The event, which is sanctioned by the Mustang Club of America, is one of the fastest-rising regional Mustang events in the country.

Starting from Mustang, Oklahoma on October 1st, the caravan of Mustangs will cruise through five cities spread across two states, where drivers will enjoy live music, dinner shows, and various other MCA-sanctioned events at the final destination: Mustang Island/Port Aransas, Texas. The 3-Day Cruise to MustangFest (following a night called Journey To MustangFest with JOURNEY and Night Ranger ... LIVE in Oklahoma City) will culminate on October 2nd, when the Caravan of Mustangs rolls into Corpus Christi, Texas - a last stop, and a mere 18 miles from the final destination of Mustang Island, Texas, on October 4th, where the festivities will continue all weekend long.

Rocky Mountain Tracking's president, Brad Borst says, the company "is proud to be playing such an integral role in this exciting event because it's a real opportunity for the public to see a snapshot of our most innovative GPS tracking technology in action." The Cruise to MustangFest will be tracked LIVE with updates every ONE MINUTE -- for the entirety of their journey ... courtesy of Rocky Mountain Tracking's NavIQ software, which employs the state of the art Microsoft Virtual Earth platform.

Global in range, the web-based tracking software allows the user unique access to customizable imagery never before seen in the GPS industry. NavIQ also boasts such comprehensive tools as animated pans, 3D perspective zooms, over-the-air satellite configuration, full color graphics, and fly-over routing. NavIQ service is available in 56 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas -- providing convenient implements for both cellular and satellite tracking.

For the exclusive use of MustangFest 2009, Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. will provide turnkey tracking, combined with an "always-on-in-motion" limited feature, which will allow the user a LIVE view the Cruise to MustangFest all along their route with real-time tracking technology.

Once again, Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is leading the way -- with their innovative approach to GPS tracking technology.

Track the MCA "Cruise to MustangFest" live at:, user name: "mustangfest", password: "islandtime".

All Mustangs are welcome to join behind the lead pack anywhere along the 500-plus mile route. The Cruise to MustangFest event is free to the public.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Announces the Dewalt Mobilelock

Dewalt Mobilelock is a Portable GPS Tracking Device & Anti-theft Alarm System

Fort Collins, Colorado - December 21, 2009 - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is making it easier than ever for you to take control of your portable assets with their newest product offering, Dewalt Mobilelock. This cutting-edge tracking device is much more than just another wireless alarm system. Using a portable GPS tracking locator and built-in alarm sensors, the Dewalt Mobilelock device provides the user with a flexible security solution, while cellular assisted GPS technology remotely tracks and monitors each item. The user has the security which comes with knowing that their valuable assets, whether indoors or out, are being monitored around the clock.

The Dewalt Mobilelock system is not just a GPS tracking gadget, it's unique in that it uses built-in sensors to detect vibrations, door contact, tampering, and even the slightest changes in temperature gradients. This in turn, allows the Dewalt Mobilelock system to provide the most accurate location capability available. Even within impaired environments such as trailers or buildings, the Dewalt Mobilelock is exceedingly reliable, and all without the use of any external antennas. The Dewalt Mobilelock is housed in UV resistant plastic which enables the tracking device to be weather tolerant and water resistant. The magnetic mounting allows for easy installation, as well.

The Dewalt Mobilelock system is managed through a secure web page or phone menu system, making nationwide access a snap. The Dewalt Mobilelock combines the use of wireless programming and anti-theft alarms via a CDMA cellular network, employing both SMS and 1xRTT, (Radio Transmission Technology) communication protocols. Additionally, optional alerts by mobile text message or email are available, making the Dewalt Mobilelock system extremely convenient and user-friendly. The Dewalt Mobilelock's customizable settings such as the alarm settings for either "siren" or "silent", cater to each user's individual needs, making Dewalt Mobilelock one of the most user friendly tracking devices available. Dewalt Mobilelock will alert the user if their components have been tampered with, allowing them tracking and recovery via the on-board GPS locator. The alarm also alerts up to three other individuals via either phone or email, providing added opportunity for the user, such as a construction company, to be informed of a disturbance in their equipment. An internal rechargeable battery provides approximately 30 days of runtime. Optional extended runtime kits and permanent power adapters are also available with this GPS tracking system. For more information about Dewalt Mobilelock, visit:

Auto Theft Victim Credits the Smart Tracker for Recovery of His Vehicle

Fort Collins, Colorado - March 11, 2010 - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is again making headlines for its unique ability to successfully remain ahead of the curve in the consistently evolving world of GPS vehicle recovery technology.

Andrew Wallace of Fontana, California can attest to the lightening-speed accuracy and acutely precise GPS tracking technology of the Smart Tracker first hand; he successfully used it to recover his pick up truck earlier this month after it had been stolen from his place of business. Mr. Wallace gives full credit to the Smart Tracker for this recovery. The Smart Tracker device enables the user access to on-demand, live tracking from any personal computer with no annual or monthly service fee commitments. Combined with the use of Rocky Mountain Tracking's web-based software, NavIQ, the user can expect highly accurate readings and 'real time' location tracking; all allowing for quicker procurement of the stolen vehicle.

Fontana, California has one of the highest auto theft crime rates in the nation, with an average of 811 vehicles per every 100,000 registered, stolen each year in the years surveyed from 2000-2008. In comparison, the national average for the same eight year time frame was 320 vehicles per every 100,000 registered vehicles. For this reason, Mr. Wallace was quick to install the Smart Tracker device on his truck. Within minutes of Mr. Wallace becoming aware of his truck having been stolen, he was able to locate its whereabouts on his personal computer. The Smart Tracker uses state of the art, on-demand live tracking technology that configures an 'auto report' interval, allowing for the vehicle's exact location to be displayed in rich detail, thanks to our NavIQ online tracking software.

Mr. Wallace tracked his vehicle to a personal residence, where he saw the GPS generated image of his truck in the driveway, downloaded the address, and then alerted the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department to the vehicle's exact whereabouts. Mr. Wallace's vehicle was subsequently recovered, without further incident, within 6 hours of the initial theft. The individuals responsible for the theft are in the process of being prosecuted for the crime. Like most people who depend on their vehicle for their livelihood, Mr. Wallace is eager to get the word out about how the Smart Tracker alleviated what could have been a dire situation. Thanks to Smart Tracker, his truck was quickly recovered, and without damage. Mr. Wallace has just purchased two more Smart Tracker devices for his family's other vehicles, and he says that he will never purchase another vehicle without placing a Smart Tracker device inside it.

According to the FBI 2004 Uniform Crime Report, only 63% of stolen vehicles were ever recovered. It is important to realize that auto theft will happen, and accurate information leading to fast recovery is the only solution to protecting your assets. Rocky Mountain Tracking's Smart Tracker device is your assurance that in the unfortunate event of your vehicle being stolen, location and recovery will be a snap. There are no monthly fees associated with the Smart Tracker; simply activate the device when your vehicle is stolen. Full end user accessibility to our tracking software 24/7 allows for you to begin tracking your vehicles whereabouts immediately, using superior coverage, and utilizing hundreds of networks throughout the United States. The Smart Tracker is an easy two-wire install, and offers an internal back up battery for added security.

GPS Tracker Company Helps Police Uncover Michigan Grow-Op

MONROE, Mich., May 14, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ ----Rocky Mountain Tracking located a stolen golf cart equipped with a Smart Tracker GPS tracking device, while also leading police to a Michigan grow-op.

On the morning of May 12, 2010, a 2008 Club Car golf cart was stolen from Dale Brunt's business in Monroe, Michigan. The cart in-question was equipped with a Smart Tracker GPS tracking device that had been previously purchased from Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Upon noticing that the cart was missing, Brunt immediately contacted Rocky Mountain Tracking.

Using the Smart Tracker's location software, Rocky Mountain Tracking technical support expert, Travis Torgerson, was able to locate the stolen cart. After locating the cart, Brunt immediately alerted law enforcement authorities. Police tracked the stolen golf cart to a Michigan residence where the cart was discovered -- along with a marijuana grow-op, and other stolen items, said Brunt.

Rocky Mountain Tracking President, Brad Borst, told press that, "Mr. Brunt's proactive decision to install the Smart Tracker on his golf carts is not only rewarding; his action has apparently solved a serious crime spree." Brunt's decision to purchase 30 Smart Trackers for his golf cart fleet was spawned by three previous thefts.

After researching GPS tracker devices online, Brunt discovered that the Smart Tracker had an on-demand option, which would allow him to equip his entire golf cart fleet with GPS tracking devices without paying a hefty monthly fee. He also liked the idea that the Smart Tracker has a "geo-fence" option.

Even though Brunt did not activate the geo-fence option at the time that his cart was stolen, all of Brunt's carts have now been geo-fenced. With this technology in place, Brunt will be alerted via text if any of his carts are stolen in the future.

Brunt believes that the Smart Tracker was the "perfect way to solve (his) problem." The Smart Tracker "worked way beyond (his) expectations." As for the grow-op that the Smart Tracker led police to, authorities are still working on the investigation.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a leading GPS tracking company. With more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking has become one of the most trusted names in the GPS tracking industry. To learn more about Rocky Mountain Tracking or the company's products, visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking (

Texas Truck Thief Receives Brisk Awakening Thanks to GPS Tracking Device

Katy, Texas - May 20, 2010 - A truck thief in Katy, Texas, got a cool wake-up call when he discovered that the Ford F150 he stole from Airtronics Air Conditioning and Heating was equipped with a GPS tracker.

On the Friday, May 7th, a Ford F150 truck was stolen from Airtronics Air Conditioning and Heating in Katy, Texas. When employees at Airtronics realized that one of their trucks had been stolen, they went directly to their computer screens.

Prior to the car theft, Airtronics equipped all of their vehicles with Informer GPS vehicle tracking devices from Rocky Mountain Tracking. Using Rocky Mountain Tracking's NavIQ software, Airtronics employees were able to track the stolen vehicle to a gas station in Houston, Texas.

As Airtronics employees followed the truck by car, another Airtronics employee gave explicit directions by tracking the truck with NavIQ. While the truck was stationary, authorities were able to locate the truck, and apprehend the vehicle thief. When the police showed up on the scene, "it was a huge surprise to the joy rider who had no clue there was a GPS device in the company truck" an Airtronics representative told press. As soon as police had arrested the culprit, the Airtronics vehicle was brought back to Airtronics headquarters.

Rocky Mountain Tracking President, Brad Borst, stated that "Airtronics Air Conditioning and Heating is the real winner in this for their proactive approach to GPS tracking technology." According to Borst, "GPS not only provides asset protection; it helps maintain consumer confidence and provides a competitive advantage." The vehicle in-question may not have been recovered if the owners of Airtronics had not decided to equip their Ford F150 (valued at $20,000) with the Informer GPS tracking system.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a leading GPS tracking company. With more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking has become one of the most trusted names in the GPS tracking industry. To learn more about Rocky Mountain Tracking or the company's products, visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website (

Rocky Mountain Tracking Introduces New GPS Tracking Device Exclusively for Auto Dealerships and Buy-Here-Pay-Here Auto Finance Groups

Fort Collins, CO, August 18, 2010 - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. (RMT) announces the Smart Tracker Elite GPS tracking device exclusively for Auto Dealerships and Buy Here Pay Here Auto Finance Groups.

The Smart Tracker Elite offers car dealers an on-demand method of tracking from the internet on an as-needed basis. According to some car dealerships, the Smart Tracker Elite is the answer to auto finance default and retention. “A dealer could have 100 cars equipped with GPS anti theft devices and never pay any monthly fees,” says Brad Borst, President of RMT. In the event a vehicle did need to be located, it would cost about $4.95.

The Smart Tracker Elite program offers car dealers the option to sell the anti theft device to their customers when they sell a vehicle. The pricing is discretionary to the dealer allowing them to maximize margins for additional revenue.

The Smart Tracker Elite uses a series of gps satellites combined with cellular towers to accurately pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle. The Smart Tracker Elite anti theft device has a simple 2-wire install and can be completed at the dealership during the sale of a vehicle.

Protecting vehicles against theft has never been more important as the depressed economy has contributed to an increase in vehicle thefts and loan defaults. Presently, between 70 and 87 million people fall below a 650 credit score and financing for a vehicle is difficult. The Smart Tracker Elite anti theft system is being installed by Car Dealers to reduce their risks and swiftly recover any vehicle for non-payment.

The Smart Tracker Elite is exclusive to car dealerships. For more information, contact RMT at 1-888-242-0500 or visit the website for more information:

Rocky Mountain Tracking Automates Reports-to-Email for GPS Vehicle Tracking Data

Rocky Mountain Tracking Releases a New Automated System Enabling Customers to Receive Daily Tracking Reports by Email

Fort Collins, Colorado – August 26, 2010 – GPS vehicle tracking industry leader, Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. has devised an innovative and inexpensive way for customers to receive detailed daily tracking reports through email.

In an effort to make GPS tracking easier for customers, Rocky Mountain Tracking’s technology team has created an efficient email notification program. Without signing into an online account, customers who sign up for email notifications will receive daily email tracking reports. This program works with RMT’s existing NavIQ GPS tracking software (included with most RMT tracking devices).

“The new report-to-email automated feature is one often requested by our customers. One of our primary goals is to give our customers what they ask for as we have done so many times,” says Brad Borst, President of Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. RMT’s new email tracking program simplifies tracking for any application with this time-saving feature. Tracking a person or vehicle with RMT’s web-based GPS tracking software has never been more effortless.

NavIQ is exclusive RMT GPS tracking software that provides users with automated panning, 3D perspectives, and various routing features. With support in more than 50 countries, NavIQ is ideal for both individual and fleet tracking. Key NavIQ features include geo-fencing, custom reporting, trip playbacks, and group tracking. Email notifications include detailed reports, colorful graphs, and are available with all active RMT products.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a leading GPS tracking company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. With more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices in use, Rocky Mountain Tracking has become one of the most trusted names in the GPS tracking industry. To learn more about Rocky Mountain Tracking or the company's latest innovations, visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website:

Rocky Mountain Tracking Becomes A Project One Sponsor

September 21, 2010, Loveland, Colorado -- GPS tracking company, Rocky Mountain Tracking, has recently become a sponsor of the Project One community program. Project One is a social program that provides home and non-profit building maintenance work to those who are physically and financially unable to perform specific building tasks.

Constructed by the Crossroads Church congregation, Project One is “one church on one day making a real difference in one community.” Through helping Northern Colorado residents who cannot make necessary home repairs on their own, Project One members and volunteers hope to make hundreds of lives easier.

Project One will also assist non-profit organizations that need a helping hand. Groups of 10 volunteers (lead by Project One crew members) will be sent to 100 project sites throughout the Northern Colorado area on October 9, 2010.

As a Project One sponsor, Rocky Mountain Tracking’s donation will provide some of the necessary tools, food, and transportation for volunteers. Rocky Mountain Tracking President, Brad Borst, feels that it is “Rocky Mountain Tracking’s responsibility to help our community.” For Borst, who comes from poverty himself, Project One is a great example of “ a simple donation can impact the lives of many people in need.”

Those lives will be impacted by thousands of volunteers who have already signed up to be a part of Project One’s efforts this October. The Crossroads community invites anyone who lives within the Northern Colorado area to join Project One’s efforts on October 9 at the Crossroads Church in Loveland, Colorado. Project One is also accepting donations, looking for project leaders, and asking those within the Northern Colorado area to nominate neighbors in need of assistance. For additional information about Project One or about Crossroads Church, visit

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a top GPS tracking company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. With more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking has become one of the most trusted names in the GPS tracking industry. RMT strives to support community organizations such as Project One through active involvement. For more information about Rocky Mountain Tracking please visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website at:

Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS Device Thwarts Truck Thief

October 7, 2010, Delmar, Delaware – Rocky Mountain Tracking experts track a stolen Freightliner Classic equipped with a GPS tracking device to a Baltimore, Maryland, location.

At 3:30 AM on October 6, a Freightliner Classic (valued at $70k) was stolen from Bob’s Garage in Delmar, Delaware. The truck, belonging to Rantz Trucking, had been equipped with a GPS tracking device previously purchased from Rocky Mountain Tracking. Around 8:00 AM on October 7, Rantz Trucking owner, KW Rantz, phoned Rocky Mountain Tracking to report the missing truck.

Using the Rocky Mountain Tracking’s unique tracking software, RMT specialist, Travis Torgerson, tracked the stolen truck to a location in Baltimore, Maryland. After notifying Rantz of the truck’s precise location, Rantz contacted authorities. Within moments, Delmar police were able to find the missing truck. The case (case number 0510052460) is currently under investigation by the Delmar police force.

Expensive big-rig trucks are ideal targets for thieves. These trucks are frequently stolen and re-sold for a bargain price, which is precisely what could have happened had Rantz not relied on GPS tracking technology. KW Rantz added GPS tracking devices to his fleet in order to protect his long-standing business – a decision that has now paid off.

For KW Rantz, Rocky Mountain Tracking’s software is not only a sound investment, but it’s also “great for keeping on top of freight movement including destination and arrival information.” Rantz also stated that the Rocky Mountain tracking team has been very “good to me” throughout this entire ordeal.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a top GPS tracking company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. With more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking has become one of the most trusted names in the GPS tracking industry. For more information about Rocky Mountain Tracking please visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website (


October 20, 2010, Fort Collins, Colorado – GPS industry leader, Rocky Mountain Tracking, is giving away a GPS tracking device to one Facebook fan on November 16, 2010.

On the heels of the company’s “Free Tracking Key Giveaway” comes another contest for all Rocky Mountain Tracking Facebook fans: The Smart Tracker Giveaway. This time around, RMT is giving away one Smart Tracker GPS tracking system. The Smart Tracker (valued at $175) is primarily used to protect heavy equipment (skid steers, tractors, backhoes) and vehicles from theft.

According to Rocky Mountain Tracking President, Brad Borst, “the Smart Tracker is one of the most recommended anti theft devices.” The device also makes “the most economic sense for commercial and personal applications,” since the Smart Tracker does not include any monthly fees. By giving a Smart Tracker away to one Facebook fan, Borst hopes to showcase the device’s effectiveness.

There are more than 77,000 cases of heavy equipment theft throughout the United States each year. Usual recovery rate of stolen heavy equipment totals around 7%. Equipment that is stolen from farms and industrial areas is often re-sold at a much lower rate or sold for parts to scrap buyers. Ideal for tracking heavy equipment, the Smart Tracker includes live 24 hour Internet tracking, geofencing options, detailed reports, birds-eye mapping, and a weather-proof exterior.

In order to enter the Rocky Mountain Tracking “Smart Tracker Giveaway”, contestants must “like” Rocky Mountain Tracking on Facebook in addition to commenting on one of the company’s daily posts. More than one comment will earn contestants a better chance of winning the contest. The Smart Tracker Giveaway will end on November 15, 2010, at midnight. The winner of the contest will be announced by Rocky Mountain Tracking on November 16.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a leading GPS tracking company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. With more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking has become one of the most trusted names in the GPS tracking industry. To learn more about Rocky Mountain Tracking or the Smart Tracker Giveaway, visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking Facebook page

Rocky Mountain Tracking Devices Save Client Thousands Monthly

November 10, 2010, Fort Collins, Colorado – In a recent survey, Rocky Mountain Tracking discovered that long-time client, Ashland Towing, saves thousands monthly using RMT GPS tracking devices.

In an effort to further improve customer service, Rocky Mountain Tracking offered clients the chance to sound-off about RMT tracking technology. One long-time RMT client, Ashland Towing (located in Ashland, Virginia), reported saving $1500 to $2000 per month after equipping 10 vehicles with Rocky Mountain Tracking gps tracking devices.

Ashland Towing owner, Harry Field, also noted that the information provided by RMT’s tracking units allowed him to catch one employee driving 100 mph on a recent trip. As a result, Field believes that his drivers are “much more responsible about what they do.” Harry uses his GPS tracking devices to “keep speed down and safety up.”

Field also stated that his GPS tracking devices have effectively lowered insurance costs. Installing GPS tracking devices inside of trucks “…makes insurance companies want to have your business.” Vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking devices are seen as less of a liability to insurance companies, which, in turn, lowers insurance rates.

Rocky Mountain Tracking's President, Brad Borst, stated "We were pleased to note that our technology has successfully saved Ashland Towing thousands of dollars per month...” Borst was also happy to find out that “RMT’s tracking devices can potentially save lives.” as was made evident by Field’s comments.

RMT has sold more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices to clients just like Harry Field. These devices have successfully prevented theft, made vehicle retrieval possible, and helped police capture numerous types of legal offenders. As a result, Rocky Mountain Tracking is one of the most trusted names within the GPS tracking industry. To find out more about RMT or GPS tracking devices, please visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website at:

Space Foundation Grants Certified Space Technology Status to Rocky Mountain Tracking

November 17, 2010, Fort Collins, Colorado – GPS tracking products provided by Fort Collins-based Rocky Mountain Tracking (RMT) have been designated as a Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation, making them the only GPS technologies to be so recognized.

The Space Foundation's Space Certification program recognizes products originally developed for space that have been adapted to improve life on Earth. RMT joins a prominent list of companies, including Tempur-Pedic North America, that carry Space Certification status.

RMT President, Brad Borst, responded to the new certification by stating, "We are pleased to be able to identify our products as a Certified Space Technology, which we believe helps us demonstrate the high quality of excellence we offer through our products and services.”

Founded in 2003, Rocky Mountain Tracking offers a range of GPS tracking systems to consumers and companies, including personal, vehicle recovery and fleet tracking devices. Through the use of space technology and RMT’s own NavIQ software, RMT enables companies and individuals to accurately record movement through the use of satellite-based GPS tracking. With more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking is one of the most trusted names in the GPS tracking industry. For more information about RMT, go to

The Space Foundation, the nation’s foremost space advocacy organization, launched the Space Certification program in 1996 to demonstrate how products and services developed for space improve life on Earth. This unique branding program allows qualifying products and services to display the official Space Certification seal and to benefit from cooperative marketing programs. The Colorado Springs-based Space Foundation works closely with NASA to identify and validate products and services eligible for recognition. There are three classifications of Space Foundation Certified Products: Certified Technology Products - Products or services that directly results from space technology or space program development such that the product exists because of advances in space technology; Certified Educational Products - Products used in educational environments to stimulate interest and knowledge about Space; and Certified Imagination Products. For more information, go to

The Space Foundation, which has as its mission to “advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable, and propel humanity,” is a leader in space awareness activities, educational programs that bring space into the classroom and major industry events. For more information, go to


Rocky Mountain Tracking Vehicle Recovery Device Caught Shreveport Crook in 30 Minutes

SHREVEPORT, La., Feb. 2, 2011 -- A Shreveport resident's Chevy Equinox was stolen at 5am on January 28. Thirty minutes later, the vehicle was pinpointed on a map with the help of a Smart Tracker GPS vehicle recovery device from Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

On the morning of January 28, 2011, Clayton Fullwood stepped outside of his home in order to start his 2007 Chevy Equinox (valued at $17k). Fullwood then stepped back inside of his home for five minutes. During those five minutes, a thief drove away with Fullwood's truck. Panicked, Fullwood phoned Rocky Hargiss of Track-it & Company, the car dealership where the Equinox was purchased.

As the truck thief would quickly learn, Fullwood's truck was equipped with a Rocky Mountain Tracking Smart Tracker GPS tracking device. Using his computer to access RMT's exclusive NavIQ software, Hargiss was able to spot the exact location of the Equinox and disable the vehicle's starter. After contacting the Caddo Sherriff's Department, the Equinox was recovered in minutes.

Hargiss began equipping vehicles with GPS tracking devices from Rocky Mountain Tracking in June of 2010. On January 28, 2011, Hargiss' decision to install GPS auto recovery devices was quickly rewarded.

Experienced thieves can steal a car in less than 40 seconds. Throughout the United States alone, a car is stolen every 26.4 seconds. When it comes to vehicle recovery, timing is everything. As Hargiss recently stated, "the entire vehicle recovery operation took thirty minutes to complete – that's unbeatable."

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a Space Certified GPS tracking company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. With more than 50,000 GPS tracking and auto recovery devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking has become one of the most trusted names in the GPS tracking industry.

Rocky Mountain Tracking Raises Bar With Ghost Rider GPS Tracker Device

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Feb. 16, 2011 -- Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. has just announced the release of the much anticipated Ghost Rider GPS tracking device complete with RMT's web-based software. The compact Ghost Rider GPS tracker is ideal for elderly, teen, and other personal tracking uses.

The real-time Ghost Rider GPS tracker features a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery (A/C wall charger included), internal antenna, and up to five days of continuous tracking. This device is also one of the smallest tracking devices on the GPS market (measuring 4-inches long and 2.5-inches wide).

The Ghost Rider GPS tracker is so small that even Rocky Mountain Tracking President, Brad Borst, is "...amazed at the compact size and reliability" of the device. Virtually indestructible and easy to slip into any pocket, bag, or attach to any object, the Ghost Rider tracker raises the personal GPS tracking bar.

In addition to its compact size, this device is completely wireless making it ideal for all types of asset tracking. Equipped with Rocky Mountain Tracking's exclusive NavIQ web-based software, the Ghost Rider can be tracked from any PC within ten seconds flat.

RMT's Ghost Rider has already generated a buzz from the company's current clients. Based upon this "...pre-launch sales..." RMT has "high expectations" for the Ghost Rider device. The palm-sized Ghost Rider Personal Tracker is currently available on the Rocky Mountain Tracking website.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a leader within the GPS tracking industry. With more than 50,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking has earned its reputation for reliable devices and impeccable service. To find out more about Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. or the Ghost Rider Personal Tracker please visit RMT's website: or call a RMT representative at 1-888-242-0500.

Rocky Mountain Tracking to Take Part In Denver Auto Show

March 17, 2011, Fort Collins, Colorado – Leading GPS vehicle tracking company, Rocky Mountain Tracking, will attend this year’s Denver Auto Show. Rocky Mountain Tracking will be showcasing an array of specialized GPS tracking devices.

The Denver Auto Show will kick off on March 30, 2011 at 6pm (MST). Along with all the best and biggest vehicle manufacturers, Fort Collins-based GPS tracking company, Rocky Mountain Tracking, will be on-site.

Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS experts will display a number of GPS tracking devices at the Denver Auto Show including RMT’s best-selling Smart Tracker, a vehicle recovery system. RMT representatives will also be exhibiting the newest addition to the RMT lineup: the Ghost Rider (one of the world’s smallest GPS trackers).

Both the Smart Tracker and the Ghost Rider are an ideal way to ward off auto thieves. RMT GPS tracking experts will demonstrate how these (and other) devices work to auto show attendees. Those who attend the Denver Auto Show will also have a chance to learn how RMT”s renowned NavIQ software works.

The 2011 Denver Auto Show will feature the newest vehicle models, classic cars, a Ferrari showcase, and many more attractions for the whole family. Each year, America’s longest running auto show (since 1902) draws thousands of auto enthusiasts.

This year, Rocky Mountain Tracking plans to “…show vehicle enthusiasts what RMT vehicle tracking devices can do, and how RMT devices can prevent vehicle theft” (RMT President, Brad Borst). This will be Rocky Mountain Tracking’s first time at the Denver Auto Show.

To learn more about the Denver Auto Show, please visit To find out more about Rocky Mountain Tracking or any of RMT’s GPS tracking devices, please visit

Rocky Mountain GPS Fleet Tracking: A New Answer to an Old Fuel Problem

Fort Collins, Colorado April 27, 2011 - Rising fuel costs have some transportation companies nervous. Others are secure in the knowledge that Rocky Mountain Tracking’s GPS fleet tracking devices can effectively keep fuel costs down.

Many companies put faith in the reliability of drivers. Yet, thousands of fuel dollars go up in emissions daily. Recently, a Con Edison (a New York service company) spokesperson told press that company drivers don’t require constant monitoring, since these drivers are “…extremely responsible.”

This statement came after numerous citizens complained about the carelessness of Con Edison drivers who allowed trucks to idle while eating lunch, napping, and conducting other activities. Assuming that drivers won’t allow a truck to idle is a costly mistake.

A fleet of 200 trucks can burn up to $900 worth of fuel per hour spent idling.

Marcel Fauteux is the owner of Groupe Mapp International. Groupe Mapp transports dry and refrigerated goods across the U.S. and Canadian border. For more than five years, Groupe Mapp trucks have been equipped with GPS tracking systems.

Fauteux has found that his costs have “…dramatically decreased thanks to GPS tracking technology. Not only can I reroute trucks, cut idle time, and eliminate lengthy routes, but I can also keep a close watch on drivers.”

Unlike Con Edison, Groupe Mapp stays afloat by ensuring that fuel is wisely spent.

GPS tracking is also effective when it comes to smaller fleets. Ashland Towing, a towing company located in Ashland, Virginia, has saved thousands of dollars monthly by equipping all trucks with Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS tracking devices. Ashland Towing President, Harry Field, recently stated that GPS also allows him to keep “…speed down…” while also keeping Ashland Towing’s profits up.

At more than $4 per gallon of gasoline and $5 per gallon of diesel in some states, keeping fuel costs to a minimum is essential. Fluctuating fuel costs is an old problem, Rocky Mountain Tracking’s GPS Fleet tracking technology is the new solution.

As a trusted name within the GPS tracking industry, RMT has sold more than 50,000 GPS tracking devices to companies with fleets of all sizes. They have over 1700 GPS Installers in the United States. To find out about the fleet tracking products, and how you can save thousands monthly, visit

Rocky Mountain Tracking Creates a GPS Buzz That Auto Dealers Can't Ignore

FORT COLLINS, Colo., May 11, 2011 -- Rocky Mountain Tracking's Smart Tracker Payment Reminder Buzzer makes late car payments hard to forget.

The loud five-minute interval buzzing of the Payment Reminder Buzzer is difficult to ignore. Some may call the loud and constant buzzing noise annoying. High-risk car dealerships are calling the Payment Remind Buzzer ingenious.

Low credit or no credit dealerships often take a chance when selling vehicles. In some cases, buyers who are trying to rebuild credit pay every month like clockwork. In most cases, these consumers skip more than one payment. When this happens, dealers have very few options.

The introduction of Rocky Mountain Tracking's Smart Tracker to the automotive industry changed the way that high-risk car dealerships did business. The Smart Tracker anti theft devices effectively track vehicles of all kinds around the clock.

When a vehicle has been hidden or stolen, the Smart Tracker anti theft device is there. When a consumer tries to leave town, the Smart Tracker goes along for the ride.

Now, the Smart Tracker Payment Reminder Buzzer makes it impossible for the vehicle owner to forget about making a late car payment.

As soon as a payment has been skipped, dealers can send out a noisy reminder. When a payment has been made, the buzzing noise can be stopped. Activations and deactivations are made through RMT's signature NavIQ software. This is the same software that allows dealers to track and recover the vehicle on-demand. Late payment alerts can also be made through phone, email, and text.

The Payment Reminder Buzzer is an optional component of the Smart Tracker anti theft device. To learn more about the Smart Tracker, why Rocky Mountain Tracking is a GPS industry leader, or the Payment Reminder Buzzer, please visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website at

As a trusted name within the GPS tracking industry, RMT is nationally recognized by auto dealers as the primary choice for anti theft devices. They a full GPS installation service with over 1700 GPS installers in the United States. To find out how RMT can help your dealership, call them at: 888-242-0500.

Rocky Mountain GPS Tracking Device Causes Yacht Thief to Sail Off Course

BEVERLY, Mass., June 30, 2011 -- On June 14th, 2011, Frank Kinzie (Beverly Port Marina proprietor) noticed something was missing: a 1980 61-foot Hatteras yacht. Kinzie was able to find the yacht in minutes with the help of a GPS tracking device purchased from Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

Beverly Port Marina employee, Jon Silver, had installed a RMT Smart Tracker GPS tracking device inside of the yacht prior to the theft. This made tracking down the $500,000 boat simple. After activating the GPS device, Silver located his boat 28 miles away in Boston. Once the yacht had been found, he contacted police who handed the case to federal marshals.

Mr. Silver who told press that the "Smart Tracker device works exactly how it is promised. It's easy to install, conceals in a boat, and is simple to activate." Silver went on to state that if the Smart Tracker device had not been purchased, he might "…never have been able to recover the boat."

Rocky Mountain Tracking's Smart Tracker is an on-demand live GPS tracking device. RMT's Smart Tracker can be activated when needed, but can also be turned off when not in use. As Jon Silver and Frank Kinzie have discovered the Smart Tracker helped save them a "ton" of money.

Luckily, the 61-foot yacht did not incur any damage during the theft. This was in part due to the quick recovery time. Authorities have not named the person, or persons, responsible for stealing the yacht.

As a trusted name within the GPS tracking industry, RMT is nationally recognized by companies and individuals alike as the primary choice for anti theft device. With over 50,000 GPS trackers sold and nationwide GPS installation, RMT has become the most trusted name in GPS tracking. To prevent thieves from getting away with your property, call RMT at: 888-242-0500.

RMT Smart Tracker Uncovers Stolen Vehicle: "I Knew You'd Find Me" States Thief

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Sept. 7, 2011 -- After falling behind on payments, the purchaser of a Nissan Maxima tried to hide the car from dealership owner, Conley Moret, by driving to another state. Moret was able to track the vehicle using a Smart Tracker GPS anti theft device purchased from Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

Conley Moret owns and operates a car dealership for people who have bad or no credit. As part of his sales agreement, all of Moret's vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices. Prior to August 28, 2011, Moret "didn't really believe in GPS tracking devices or believe it when other car dealers talked about the Smart Tracker device."

When Moret had no luck tracking down a 1995 Nissan Maxima that had not been paid off (valued at $3000), Moret thought that the device was not installed correctly. Even though he tracked the vehicle to a specific location, he could not locate the car when visiting that location.

In a desperate attempt, Moret decided to set a geo-fence for the vehicle. Sure enough, on August 28th, Moret was notified when the Maxima was driven outside of the set parameters. He was then able to track the car to San Diego where his delinquent customer stated, "I knew you would find me one day."

Moret told press that his client thought driving the Maxima to another state would prevent the Smart Tracker from locating the vehicle – a false assumption.

Though Moret had doubts, The Smart Tracker that he purchased from Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. "changed my business completely. "

The Smart Tracker GPS tracking device can be installed inside of any vehicle. This GPS anti theft device comes at no monthly cost and can be turned on or off as needed. As Conley Moret found out, "this device is brilliant!"

With more than 50,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, is the leader in GPS tracking and anti theft devices. For more information about RMT or the Smart Tracker, visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website: or call 888-242-0500.

RMT GPS Tracking Device Leads Police to Field Filled With $25,000 of Stolen Equipment

Vallejo, Calif. November 14, 2011 -- A Rocky Mountain Tracking Smart Tracker led police to the location of a stolen $5000 industrial welder in addition to more than $20,000 worth of stolen goods.

On the morning of November 11, 2011, Jon Northrop (owner of Kristin Construction) discovered that his Lincoln 308G Ranger industrial welder was missing (valued at $5000). After contacting Rocky Mountain Tracking (Northrop was not near a computer at the time of the theft) to locate the stolen welder, RMT GPS tracking device specialists were able to track the welder to a residence in Vallejo, California.

Initially, Northrop contacted the local police department, but after several hours he decided to contact the Solano County Sheriff’s Department instead. This turned out to be a good move for Northrop as the sheriff’s department acted immediately. Solano County Sheriff’s Department case report number: CR 114869.

The Northrop sheriff deputies were unable to locate the welder at the initial Vallejo location as the thief was on the move. The GPS tracking device followed the stolen welder, via online tracking software, to a different location a few miles away where the welder was recovered on vacant property.

Not only were authorities able to recover and return the stolen welder, but a dump truck belonging to a different company (Blue Line Engineering) and valued at $20,000 was also uncovered. Returning to the first location, authorities were also able to uncover a number of other stolen goods including surveillance equipment, antiques, tools, and other items.

Northrop stated that he considered installing a LoJack on the welder instead of the RMT Smart Tracker, but decided the $175 Smart Tracker was worth the investment. Needless to say, Northrop’s investment strategy paid off. As Northrop later told press, he could hardly believe that a “$175 investment saved me thousands!”

As a leading GPS tracking device company, Rocky Mountain Tracking is no stranger to helping business owners uncover valuable equipment. To find out how you can protect your investments, learn more about our products, or contact a customer representative, please visit the RMT website: or call 888-242-0500.

"It Wasn't Me," Says Thief, a Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS Car Tracking Device Recovers Yet Another Stolen Vehicle

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY -- Sep 27, 2012 - On September 24, 2012, Rocky Mountain Tracking used a car tracking device to recover a vehicle that was stolen from a New York Limousine company. The 2009 Chevrolet Suburban valued at $19,000 was stolen from Long Island City, N.Y. and was recovered shortly after in Inwood, N.Y. No damage to the vehicle was reported.

Minutes after the theft, the owner of the vehicle and Long Island City, N.Y.-based Limousine company who wishes to remain anonymous, noticed the vehicle was missing. Thankfully, the company had a vehicle tracking system in place.

He says, "I suspected that a theft may have occurred, but was not too concerned because the vehicle was equipped with a Smart Tracker GPS car tracking device. Mark at Rocky Mountain Tracking was very helpful and stayed on the phone with me for about 45 minutes so I could locate my Suburban."

The owner of the '09 Suburban checked Rocky Mountain Tracking's NavIQ asset and vehicle tracking system software and found his vehicle was located at 95th Ave. and 85th St. He reportedly went to this location and the vehicle was not there. After going as far as knocking on the door at that location, still no one could tell his where his Suburban was located.

The owner called Mark Hisley, RMT Lead Technician, and he told the owner that vehicle was moving. The vehicle came to a stop at Inwood, N.Y. and Mark disabled the starter remotely from NavIQ, effectively stopping the stolen vehicle in its tracks.

The Suburban owner responded to the scene of the stolen vehicle in Inwood and called the police. As he was waiting for the police to arrive, he observed the driver of the stolen vehicle outside under the hood removing the battery cables from the battery. The police responded and the vehicle was recovered.

After confronting the driver, the driver told police that he was not the person who stole the vehicle. He further explained that he took the vehicle from someone else due to an argument that occurred. Whether his excuse is true or not remains to be seen, as the owner of the stolen vehicle did not press charges on the suspect. The limousine company owner and staff were thrilled that the vehicle sustained no damages, and attributes the quick recovery without damages to the Smart Tracker GPS device. His advice to other companies is, "Always get a GPS tracking device for commercial vehicles; the $200 you spend on a GPS tracking device will save you a lot of money."

Rocky Mountain Tracking is a GPS tracking device seller and vehicle tracking system service provider and has devices across the United States and Canada. For more information about Rocky Mountain Tracking and its GPS tracking devices and car tracking device services, visit or call (888) 242-0500.


Rocky Mountain Tracking Debuts Flex Payment Program for Frequent Users of GPS Fleet Tracking

FORT COLLINS, CO -- Oct 17, 2012 - Rocky Mountain Tracking is pleased to announce the new Flex Plan for its Informer Lite GPS fleet tracking devices. The new Flex Plan makes locating tracking devices more economical and is a win-win situation for both the customer and the company. Subscriber discounts and free hardware are just some of the benefits qualifying customers can expect.

Brad Borst, Owner of Rocky Mountain Tracking, says, "Tracking a vehicle or entire fleet with Informer Lite tracking devices has always been easy and a proven money saver, thanks to our affordable hardware and online tracking software. Now with the Flex Plan, our customers can reduce or eliminate their upfront investment and still get our best-in-class service."

Customers no longer have to pay per locate with the Flex Plan. These locates, also known as automatic updates, can be set to a maximum rate of one locate per minute. The frequency can be changed from the user account and the history update can be viewed live or after the fact. Requesting on-demand locates is also an option.

For those looking to make a two or three year commitment to Rocky Mountain Tracking's quality service and support, the tracking hardware is free. Monthly fees range from $24.95 to $29.95 depending on the Flex Plan chosen. All plans must pay the $35 activation fee.

The benefits of GPS fleet tracking for a business are extraordinary. Anyone interested in saving money in fuel and maintenance costs, reducing or eliminating traffic violations and resolving customer complaints can benefit from GPS units coupled with superior tracking software. The Informer Lite has also protected owners against vehicle theft and tracked driver habits. What's more, GPS data is admissible in court as evidence in criminal and civil matters.

The exclusive NavIQ Software is one of Rocky Mountain Tracking's main benefits, especially for GPS fleet tracking. Some of the many features include: customer contact when a geo-fence is crossed, speed alerts if a speed threshold is broken and mapped vehicle routing. Full color reports and graphs are available to fleet managers through NavIQ's risk management reports, which give a wide variety of data to the customer about their assets. All of this data is available for viewing from PCs or mobile devices.

Rocky Mountain Tracking is a leader in the GPS tracking industry and makes fleet tracking easier for the business owner. With a robust support team, superior map and navigation software and flexible payment plans, choosing Rocky Mountain Tracking is an easy decision for those in need of fleet tracking or on-demand GPS services. For more information about Rocky Mountain Tracking devices, GPS fleet tracking or the NavIQ tracking software call 1-888-242-0500 or visit


Rocky Mountain Tracking Announces New Informer OBD & GPS Fleet Monitoring Device

FORT COLLINS, CO -- Nov 1, 2012 - Rocky Mountain Tracking (RMT) announces the release of its latest GPS fleet monitoring device, the Informer OBD, an On Board Diagnostics (OBD) Device.

The Informer OBD device increases productivity and decreases operating costs by monitoring and reporting driver behaviors through RMT's NavIQ software. "The Informer OBD is easy to install, as it plugs directly into the vehicle OBD connector without any need for connecting wires or incurring installation costs," says Brad Borst, the company's President.

The Informer OBD fleet tracking device features superior diagnostics and data reporting. The GPS fleet monitoring device helps fleet managers diagnose problems, such as Diagnostic Trouble Codes with the vehicle, or the habits of its drivers. In addition to the standard reporting that RMT provides on other devices, like mapping, vehicle routing, geofencing, off-hours use, and excessive speed, the OBD offers unique tracking features. These include: seat belt status, throttle position, fuel level, transmission gear, battery voltage, fuel consumption, trip odometer, MPG, airbag indicator and much more. What's more, this data can be tracked from PC, tablet or phone.

RMT's Flex Plan makes fleet tracking affordable for any fleet GPS tracking application. Hardware is free with a two or three year contract and hardware discounts are available for one year contracts. One minute unlimited locates are offered with the popular Flex Plan.

RMT is a trusted name in the GPS industry. Extensive field testing was conducted to ensure that the Informer OBD exceeds the highest standards in the industry. The Informer OBD comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a two-year hardware warranty.

About Rocky Mountain Tracking:

Rocky Mountain Tracking is a national GPS tracking device supplier and service provider. Its exclusive NavIQ software gives customers the extremely accurate information when they need it, where they need it. For more information about Rocky Mountain Tracking and its new Informer OBD fleet tracking device or its GPS fleet monitoring software, visit or call (888) 242-0500.


Rocky Mountain Tracking Hires New General Manager

FORT COLLINS, CO -- Dec 11, 2012 - Rocky Mountain Tracking, a leading GPS tracker supply and servicing company, has selected a new General Manager to oversee operations at its headquarters in Fort Collins, CO. Tom Baranowski joins Rocky Mountain Tracking with years of experience in business administration and management. Baranowski is pleased to join the team of experienced professionals at Rocky Mountain Tracking. He says, "It is exciting to me to join a forward thinking company like Rocky Mountain Tracking. I hope to continue in a forward thinking mode to help keep Rocky Mountain Tracking number one in our industry."

Baranowski has decades of experience in the business world. His former positions ranged from General Manager to Chief Executive Officer to Executive Vice President. He also has experience in international business, sales, retail and manufacturing. What ties all of the positions together is each were for companies in customer-focused industries.

Rocky Mountain Tracking is seeing more changes than just to its management. In the last quarter, Rocky Mountain Tracking released a mobile site for live GPS tracking on smartphones, a flex payment plan and a new GPS fleet tracking device -- the Informer OBD. With these changes and the addition of a new General Manager, Rocky Mountain Tracking is streamlining and updating like never before.

Brad Borst, owner of Rocky Mountain Tracking, says, "We are pleased to have Tom on board with Rocky Mountain Tracking. He is highly capable of running a company like ours. He has some great solutions to help us grow while also maintaining or improving the personalized customer service that we are known for. I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Rocky Mountain Tracking throughout our growth over the last 10 years."

The company has seen enormous growth over the years because of its commitment to providing quality GPS tracker products, services and support to its customers. With an experienced and professional support team that is highly capable of providing support for GPS fleet tracking and other tracking customers, Rocky Mountain Tracking is dedicated to providing its customers with the best and latest resources in the industry.

For almost 10 years Rocky Mountain Tracking has operated as a leader in the GPS fleet tracking and personal tracking industries. They sell nine different types of tracking devices to business and individuals for a wide variety of applications. To find out more about Rocky Mountain Tracking and how to get a GPS tracker, visit or call (888) 242-0500 to speak with a representative.


Rocky Mountain Tracking Guarantees Customers' Satisfaction With Services, Software

FORT COLLINS, CO -- Jan 25, 2013 - Rocky Mountain Tracking is a leader in the GPS vehicle tracking industry because they understand their customers' needs: flexibility, reliable support and a customized experience. That's why they guarantee customer satisfaction for the Flex Plan on Informer Lite and Informer OBD products and services. The 90-day guarantee applies to any customer who is not satisfied with the tracking software or services for the Informer line of products.

"Since 2003, we have seen what works and what doesn't work in this industry," said Tom Baranowski, General Manager of Rocky Mountain Tracking. "Our guarantee comes down to our principles: we have confidence in our services and software and are 100% prepared to stand behind them."

This three month guarantee is a generous time frame to try out Rocky Mountain Tracking's fleet tracking products and services. There are also extended warranties available for purchase. In addition, the Flex Plans include full access to a dependable and friendly support team that is driven by customer satisfaction.

Rocky Mountain Tracking offers a wide variety of options to fit every customer's needs. What is most appealing about the Flex Plan for Informer Lite and Informer OBD services are unlimited locates at every one minute interval. Free hardware is available for long-term contracts. In addition, large quantity discounts, rentals and extended warranties are available.

The company provides access to its proprietary vehicle tracking software -- NavIQ -- for all customers. NavIQ is available from customers' home computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The application is ideal for fleet tracking and those in need of business tracking systems.

The GPS company has these fleet tracking devices and other devices for other applications available for sale on its website and via phone. Their team of customer support representatives can help customers find the ideal device for all of their tracking needs -- providing a customized GPS experience. Each transaction -- from payment to shipping -- is discreet and prompt.


Rocky Mountain Tracking Rolls Out Infographic on the Benefits of GPS Tracking

FORT COLLINS, CO--(March 28, 2013) - GPS tracking can make your life safer and more secure, and it can save you money. Those facts are exactly what Rocky Mountain Tracking's new infographic shows.

An infographic is a visually appealing graphic that displays information in an easily understandable way. The infographic has been distributed on social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and more. The infographic and its distribution has been very effective. The company has received many inquiries resulting from the infographic distribution.

"We decided to take our online marketing efforts to the next level by creating content that speaks to more and more of our customers," Tom Baranowski, General Manager of Rocky Mountain Tracking, said. "The infographic has been posted on our site for a little over a month now, and we are thrilled with the visits logged by hundreds of different social media users. The information has been well received!"

The infographic outlines solutions offered by GPS tracking. Some of these are:

"As a GPS company, we strive to stay up to date on the latest technology, and we want to share our understanding of GPS tracking and its benefits with our customers. The infographic helps us accomplish this," adds Baranowski.

About Rocky Mountain Tracking: For over a decade, Rocky Mountain Tracking has been a leader in the GPS tracking industry. The family owned business operates out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Visit Rocky Mountain Tracking's blog for the latest GPS news and information, or simply browse the range of products and services the company offers by visiting To speak with a Customer Service Representative about the right GPS tracking device for your needs, call (888) 242-0500.

Rocky Mountain Tracking is a staple in the GPS vehicle tracking industry. To find out more about the company, customers are encouraged to browse their products, view news articles about the company and explore their GPS blog. Visit or call them toll-free at (888) 242-0500 today.

Rocky Mountain Tracking Partners With Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. to Bring Groundbreaking GPS Tracking Shoes to Your Loved Ones

FORT COLLINS, CO--(April 18, 2013) - National GPS company Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. has partnered with Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. to help ensure loved ones are safe and sound. Although the Aetrex Navistar GPS footwear system can be used for a wide variety of applications, their most common use is to help protect and find individuals with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia who have a tendency to wander and become lost.

Tom Baranowski, General Manager of Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. says, "We are very pleased to partner with Aetrex to provide this valuable GPS tracking shoes to a wider audience, beyond the medical arenas. The Aetrex Navistar GPS shoes are really great shoes, but the primary feature of these shoes is they can be life-saving in the case of an emergency. They allow caregivers and family members to live their lives a bit more worry-free.

The shoe has an embedded GPS device in the base of the right heel that provides real-time tracking. The GPS device relays the GPS data to a central monitoring station, accessible from a tracking website. The shoes are comfortable and feature contemporary styling. With two styles and colors to choose from, there is a pair that can satisfy every customer. The AetrexGPS tracking shoes are now available for purchase at

If a loved one wanders off too far from a pre-set location of your determination -- which is also called a geozone or geofence -- you can be notified with an email or text to your mobile device. In addition, the on demand feature can be used to locate the wearer at any time in case of an emergency.

To access the tracking website, customers must enroll in a separate tracking plan, for an additional fee, but that cost is minimal when compared to the cost of an emergency search for a lost individual and to the peace of mind the shoes provide.

About Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. is widely recognized as the global leader in comfort and wellness footwear products. With fashion, function and quality at the forefront, Aetrex designs and manufactures therapeutic, casual, dress, sandal and athletic footwear for both men and women. The New Jersey-based corporation was named one of New Jersey's Top 100 Privately Held Companies and was also included in NJBIZ's Top 30 Manufacturing Companies. It has remained privately owned by the Schwartz family for three generations. For additional information, please visit

About Rocky Mountain Tracking Rocky Mountain Tracking is a national leader in GPS tracking. Since 2003 they have provided customers with the best GPS vehicle tracking system for every budget while regularly surpassing customer service expectations. Those interested in learning more about RMT's mobile-friendly tracking system and their line of GPS tracking devices can call 888.242.0500or visit

RMT's GPS tracking tools used to help monitor anti-poaching patrols in Zimbabwe

Fort Collins, Colorado (May 14, 2013) - Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc., located in Northern Colorado is sending its GPS tracking devices overseas to Zimbabwe, to help monitor anti-poaching patrols.

"I am always excited about reaching new markets, especially a new opportunity in Africa," said Tom Baranowski, RMT general manager. "We have seen GPS devices used in many unique ways, but this use, which ultimately helps protect endangered wildlife, is especially pleasing."

These GPS tracking devices will be used to effectively monitor game scouts and their movements at Howick Farms, a family-owned farming operation, specializing in soya beans, tobacco and game, located near the town of Rusape in Manicaland, Zimbabwe. The farmland reserved for animal use is quite remote and mountainous, which makes anti-poaching patrols most effective when conducted on foot.

The personal tracking devices are meant to locate patterns and to track game scouts as they move throughout these isolated areas. These devices will track where scouts travel and how often they are moving.

RMT has never participated in a partnership such as this, and is excited to see their tools being utilized in unexpected ways.

"The RMT team and I are thrilled to have played a role in seeing this project come to a successful conclusion," Baranowski said. "We expect to uncover additional unique uses for our GPS products in the future, but few will as gratifying as this one."

Poaching is a serious epidemic affecting Africa, especially South Africa and appears to be spreading to the neighboring country of Zimbabwe. According to Caroline Washaya-Moyo, spokeswoman for Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, last year Zimbabwe lost about three percent of its rhino population due to poachers (

Rocky Mountain Tracking provides GPS tracking systems and services for consumers and businesses to track people, vehicles, assets and more. They can be reached via their Web site at or by calling (888) 242-0500.

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