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Life has really changed here at my home and very much for the better and I'll never regret buying the tracker, that little unit really did for me what I needed, regardless what she or others may have thought.
It came down to you can live here forever I'll always love you but I'm done, so if you want to die it's on you not me it's your choice, the only thing that was left for her to do was to die out there doing drugs.
Well I'm very happy to say she did some really serious thinking and made the right choice.
So through God and Her and a great Doctor and Her will to live and get clean I now have this very wonderful HUMAN BEING whom I always new she was and without any doubt she is today once again the real person she is.
I never new how strong the disease of addiction can be or what it could do to the person and all who love and are around them.
There where some times where you were a dam good listener and you didn't even know me THANK YOU!
I'm very grateful and I hope you never wear the shoes.
A lot of things have happened in our life since she got clean and thank God she was, she could not have handled them while still using I'll LOVE HER TILL I DIE.



Thank you for your assistance in the tracking device reporting that I have had. One reason I stay with and recommend RMT to everyone that asks. RMT has the best support of any tracking company that I have used. Your trackers are above any I have used or have been around. Your fees and equipment costs are very reasonable. Tell everyone to keep up the good work.

Jim Atwater
Atwater Enterprises


We have it installed and running as of today.

On the first day my truck went from the employees house to the job, unloaded supplies, while waiting for the second load he went to a town 20 miles away, stopped at a gas station then went to another gas station, then to a bar and parked in the alley, then back to the job, then to a bar/ cafe near the job, back to the job and then home. Two bars, two gas stations, 1/2 a day wasted, all on the first day!!! I am now waiting for the gas receipts.



We are very happy with rmtracking. I can't really put my finger on the amount of savings but without a doubt it really works. My drivers are aware that they are being watched. They have slowed down while on trips and that gives us a savings on fuel, not to mention safety. I could go on and on about how we LOVE the system. If you have anyone interested in one or more, don't hesitate to give out my phone number and or email address.


Ashland Towing


I purchased the RMT Rover out of a desire to protect my child.  After a few weeks, it became clear that my daughter was spending time with the wrong crowd on the wrong side of town.  The Rover allowed me to show up at the right place and the right time to get my daughter back on the straight and narrow.      

A Thankful Parent,



Rocky Mountain Waterproofing receives a 10% discount on our auto insurance for our service trucks. This almost completely covers the cost of the devices, or a full year of service.


Justin Douglas

Project Manager

Rocky Mountain Waterproofing


When I was ordering the GPS my employee was telling me that I was wasting my time and money.  Well with in two days I caught him servicing cash accounts and not telling me about it therefore pocketing the money.  He has probably stolen about a $1,000.00 from me.  I wish I would have purchased the GPS sooner.  They will be on all of my cars for now on.



Blue Beetle Pest Control


We use Rocky Mountain Tracking to follow our vehicles.  It keeps us in touch with Millions of Dollars in product without sitting in the Cab.


MidAm Truck Center


We use the rovers to track our vans around South Florida .  It allows us to monitor where are guys are at and when they are or were there.  The savings are reflected most in lower fuel costs.    

J.P Brett & Sons


I had been researching GPS fleet tracking systems for my fleet of trucks for three years.  We operate a traffic control company that sets out orange signs and cones to direct traffic through highway construction projects.   Our crews operate 24 hours each day, seven days a week at locations all over the state.  I knew that we were losing money to sloppy time cards and inefficiency. 

When I decided on RMTracking, I got the first two units shipped directly to me and installed them myself when no one was around.  The first night I was home watching American Idol with my computer on the RMTracing web site beside me.  I watched the night crew in Colorado Springs set a lane closure on the interstate for about 45 minutes.  Then, they went straight to a local billiards hall where they stayed for three hours.  I was amazed.  More blatant misuse of time than I ever imagined.  After three hours of billiards, they went to KFC for a bucket of chicken and then to our office to eat.  It was four hours from the time they set the closure until they got back to check on it.

The next morning I ran a history on the second truck that I had installed only the day before.  That truck had left our office at 4 am and instead of going to the job in Castlerock, he headed home.  Had a quick breakfast at home then drove 91 mph to the job site.  Imagine the fuel economy of a diesel truck at that speed!

That day I ordered two more units for existing trucks.  We have four new trucks arriving this week and they will have RMT Rovers on board before they go in service.   I did not tell anyone about the GPS units for one week.  Just gathered data about where people were going, at what speed and for how long.  It was beyond belief.  Now that everyone knows the units are in the speeding and the side trips have stopped.  We are re-working our time card system to use the RMT Rover data as the basis for our time cards.

Randy Cumley


Traffic Control Service, LLC

Colorado Springs . CO


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